2013 Season Update

Brelby is excited to announce a major change to our 2013 season.

The slot that was originally held by I Love You, Because, will now be filled with a world premiere musical. We absolutely love I Love You, Because, and we still hope to produce it in the future, but we are very happy with this change, and are excited to produce work by a local playwright as it falls in line with our vision and our passion of encouraging and nurturing original pieces of theatre.

Brelby is incredibly proud to present:


By Jamie Maletz

Hidden away on a secret island that is shrouded in mist, everyone in the world who has magic in their blood lives separated from the rest of mankind. But the island is a dangerous place to be. Years ago, a woman of great evil almost destroyed the island. She was defeated, but she left something behind: a set of twins. And now there is a prophecy that spells doom for the island, the twins, and the future. Throw in a young man who somehow manages to crash his sailboat through the mist, and you’ve got the beginnings of an amazing and mysterious adventure…journey on, if you dare!

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