Monthly Archives: October 2015

Now & Then: Brian & Shelby

The first annual Brelby blogathon was almost a year ago. The funny thing with running a small business is that time can simultaneously fly by…and move at a snail’s pace. It’s been the shortest longest year yet. We’ve produced a full season of theatre, overcome obstacles, attended weddings and memorials, […]

Congratulations to the Cast: Meet the Dryers

Join us in congratulating the cast of next season’s Meet the Dryers. Synopsis: Meet the Dryers follows the story of James, an introverted 14 year old, who finds solace and acknowledgement through the extreme embellishment of stories about his real life family for his followers on Reddit. Our audiences will experience […]

Now & Then: Colleen Carnahan

Hello Again Brelby Buzzers! I’ve been asked to provide an update on my life and personal adventures since my November Blog-a-thon blog back in…well, November. I’ve read through a number of other Now and Then segments to see what, in general, people are writing about… and I’ve got to admit, […]