2016 Studio Series

What is the Brelby Studio Series?

Simple. Powerful. Original.

Our studio series presents “stripped down” productions of brand new original plays that are either Arizona or World Premieres. Additionally, through this vehicle new directors will be provided the opportunity to learn and hone their crafts. Brelby is committed to supporting and cultivating up and coming playwrights and directors, because we believe that they are the future of theatre.

***Indicates a world premiere***


11930976_10101188023408638_1351051020236502347_o***missing grace***

By John Perovich
(Studio Series)
Directed by Brian Maticic

Synopsis: Grace and Robert Davis maintain pleasant smiles while their legacy as suburban royalty fades. They may have the perfect house, the perfect lawn, and the perfect roses—but looks can be deceiving. Today is the anniversary of a tragic event that sent the Davis family into a downward spiral. Nonetheless, a celebratory cake is in the oven, a child’s birthday decorations are going up, but no one’s there to blow out the candles. Unexpected surprises erupt in this play about family, honesty, and new beginnings.

Performance Dates:
Feb 25-27, March 3-4 @ 7:30 pm, Feb 27-28, March 5 @ 2:00 pm







11953598_10101188039536318_2488839793145510965_o***Postcards from the Apocalypse***

By Paco Madden
(Studio Series)

Synopsis: A young man, Marco, waits for his girlfriend, Jenny, atop a mountain. As the world collapses around him, he receives postcards and other messages from Jenny who reports back on what she’s seen and heard from the End of the World.

Postcards from the Apocalypse is a play not about any one particular apocalypse but it is an apocalypse of apocalypses. Seven different apocalypses are portrayed in Postcards from the Apocalypse ranging from the fantastical—zombie and alien invasion/killer robot apocalypses—to the potentially real—nuclear and environmental apocalypses—to the religious—Rapture apocalypse—to the inventive—surreal and absurdist apocalypses. The endings range from comical, gruesome, hopeful, poetic, satirical, nihilist, and meaningless.

Performance Dates:
May 12-14, 19-20 @ 7:30 pm, May 14-15, 21 @ 2 pm



11942216_10101188231491638_1988549270284709667_o***After Hours at Rosie’s Pub***

By the Brelby Company Women
(Shelby Maticic, Carolyn McBurney, Emily Heald, Megan O’Connor, Mia Passarella, Melody Knudson, Melody Chrispen & April Rideout)

After the lights have dimmed, and the early crowd has left the scene, Rosie’s Pub is frequented by a medley of female revolutionaries from throughout history. As they take the stage for an unconventional open mic night, they tell their stories through song, poetry, and narratives. Their individual histories weave together, and allow them to pose questions about today’s world. Its history like you’ve never heard it before, and these women have a lot to say.

Performance Dates:
June 16-18, 23-24 @ 7:30 pm, June 18-19, 25 @ 2 pm






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