2017 Studio Series

**The Night of Shorts**
Featuring short plays by Ilana Lydia, Jamie Maletz, Jessie Tully & Mia Passarella, Jaren Navenma, Chelsea Frandsen, and Allison Bauer
January 6-7, 13-14 @ 7:30PM
January 8 @ 2PM
Featuring the work of seven playwrights, each artists will be given the prompt of imagine, create, or inspire, to create an original short play.

By Luke Gomez
Directed by Van Rockwell

Feb 17-18, 24-25, March 3-4 @ 7:30PM
Feb 19, 26 @ 2PM

In a totalitarian state in the unknown future, most art and literature has been censored and archived by the aptly named Blacklisters. This strange world becomes stranger on the day a team of low level Blacklisters are assigned to archive a new kind of art: live humans.

**Space Junk**
By Cody Goulder
Directed by Luke Gomez

April 7-8, 14-15, 21-22 @ 7:30PM
April 9, 15  @ 2PM

Luke is having a bit of a crisis. He just broke up with his girlfriend, Jenny. This should be seen as a good thing until Luke gets cold feet. He is so scared of being alone, he’s called Jenny and decided to try to work things out. He’s got one night to fix this and have a romantic dinner to get his love life back on track. However, there is one problem. A mysterious metal object has crashed through his roof burying itself into his sofa and almost setting the apartment on fire. To make matters worse, the object keeps beeping and making strange noises.

Now, with the help of his former best friend Kaz, Luke has to take care of the still smoldering couch, figure out what to do with this mystery object from space, fend off the pair of FBI agents who has just shown up to investigate his home, hold back his personal, warm feelings to his medical student neighbor, and find a clean shirt all so he can make it to dinner on time to save a relationship he isn’t even sure he wants to save after all.


**The Pledge**
By Megan O’Connor
Directed by: Brian Maticic
June 16-17, 23-24, 30, July 1 @ 7:30PM
June 18, 25 @ 2PM

Natty and David have been married for five years. After years struggling to establish David as a Magician, their careers are finally taking off but their communication has become strained to the point where Natty is convinced David is cheating on her. Rather than confront him, she decides to hire a private investigator to follow him to find out if he is having an affair, with who, and why. But when magic is involved, nothing is as straightforward as it may appear and Natty may not be prepared for the truth about her husband, their relationship, and herself.

The 4th Annual Miscast Concert
August 11-12, 18-19, 25-26 @ 7:30PM
August 13, 20 @ 2PM

An evening of songs and scenes performed by Brelby artists as they take on roles that they would never be typically cast in.

**Whisper Sweetly**
By Devon Mahon
Directed by John Perovich

Sept 15-16, 22-23, 29-30 @ 7:30PM
Sept 17, 24 @ 2PM

Whisper Sweetly unveils the untold origin story of the importance behind one’s observing of Daylight Saving Time.  In a small village in a forest not far from the edge of town Abbott struggles to stay awake during the crucial hours of Daylight Saving. Anyone who drifts into a sleep risks the loss of their soul and body to those Catchers who feed off of dreams. It’s a tale of discovery, the sacrifice of loved ones, and bags upon bags of coffee.