Brelby Besties: Clayton & Tyler

Brelby Besties

By Megan O’Connor

Resident funny guys, Philip Tyler Rich and Clayton Caufman, have been friends for a pretty long time. They’ve taken the Brelby stage by storm with their insane improv skills and their musical prowess and now they’re here to tell us all about their musical history complete with cringeworthy youtube videos. Turn your speakers up because you don’t want to miss this!

Clayton Caufman: It was a blast being in the band for Putnam wasn’t it?

Philip Tyler Rich: YES IT WAS!

CC: Playing with you really took me back to the early days of your friendship. You remember the days of our first pseudo band, “Blink OneEightyHorse.”

PTR: I sure do. Only I didn’t get to bust out my sweet female backup vocals and double bass gallops, still a great show though!

CC: How long have we been playing music together?

PTR: I would say a solid 6 years! Since like 2011 yeah?

CC: I think the first thing we did together musically was a cover of “Face Down” by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus for my broadcasting class my sophomore year. Are you ready to cringe because here it is


This was a project for my broadcasting class. I’m sorry about the vocals I recorded them the morning of day this was uploaded. Man we had glorious hair in high school!

PTR: I forgot this was recorded at all! Oh no why??!

CC: That should never been seen by other people…

PTR: That was the worst thing I have EVER heard!

CC: Well it’s out there now but I swear we got better!

PTR: Our musical evolution is real! Amazing Horse was a good next step and then the medley with JJ was superb.

CC: So many good memories and much music shared together. Here is to more in the future!

Our thanks to these best friends for sharing all their mortifying musical memories! See both of these guys with Brelby’s resident improv team, Results May Vary playing every second Saturday of the month at 5 PM and every fourth Friday of the month at 10PM.

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