Diving Into Deadland: Meet Tiffany, Hanna & Mackenzie

Brelby Theatre Company is dying to show you the Arizona premiere of Jasper in Deadland this summer. In our newest blog series, “Diving In” we sit down with the cast to learn more about themselves, their theatre experiences, and their thoughts on Jasper in Deadland.


Meet three of our ensemble members, Tiffany, Hanna and Mackenzie.  

Is this your first theatrical production? If not, what was your first show?

Tiffany: My first show was a ballet! I was in The Nutcracker. I started out as a mouse and a buffoon (I was adoreable. There is photographic evidence of this.) But, I consider my first theatrical experience

Hanna: Cinderella in the first grade! I was a wee 6 years old and I was lucky towns person number 3

Mackenzie: My first production was Shrek the Musical and I played the Duloc townsperson who introduced Lord Farquad!

What has been your favorite part of this experience so far?

Tiffany: Making new friends and expanding my horizons (doing a rock musical as opposed to a more traditional show)

Hanna: Being able to see Mackenzie almost EVERYDAY!!!

Mackenzie: Being able to work in such a fast paced environment, there is so much learning happening at the same time it’s so much fun to keep up with all that’s going on!

Have you found any part of this show to be more challenging than you first thought it would be?

Tiffany: Yeah! The rock-style vocals has been a stretch (enjoyable, but a stretch none-the-less).

Hanna: The vocals are super intense, but it’s super fun being able to grow and learn with an amazing cast!

Mackenzie: The harmonies are KILLER

What has been a significant moment from the rehearsal process? Anything that stands out?

Tiffany: I had a day where I was out due to illness, the day I came back, everyone was SO warm and welcoming, saying how much they missed my presence. It can be difficult to feel valued in an ensemble role, but that hasn’t been the case at Brelby.

Hanna: Max: “Y’all know the Spongebob lady?”

Mackenzie: Having a stage manager who is not only just a superior and super professional but also super nice and a friend :,) (Shoutout to Max)

What is one thing you’d like to tell people about Jasper in Deadland?

Tiffany: I hope you walk away from this show with the desire to live life to the fullest.

Hanna: There’s always a reason to live. And life is the most important thing that anyone can ever have.

Mackenzie: I want the audience to take away the message that you can go through hell and back, but if you have the right people with you, you can make it through!

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