A Bot of Ill Repute




A Bot of Ill Repute
by Ilana Lydia

This is a story about a nervous time traveler who finds himself in a bar in the old West . . . or is he?  The 1940s gangster doesn’t quite fit in, and neither does the cyborg prostitute; what gives?

Artist Bios:

Ilana Lydia (Playwright, A Bot of Ill Repute) is proud to be working alongside the Brelby family. She is Artistic Director of B3 and loves her writing habit.

Clayton Caufman (Director, Repute) – is so happy to be sitting in the directing chair again. Other than Results May Vary, the last time Clayton gave direction was in the first Night of Shorts where he directed Trackers.

Tyler Miller (Nervous Time Traveler, A Bot of Ill Dispute, Pornstache, Cupcake, Sam, Catfish) – Tyler is excited to be a part of the Night of Shorts at Brelby! He would like to thank his friends, family, the Tasty Toxins, and the wonderful casts and directors he had the pleasure of working with.

Christian Bounds (Luella, A Bot of Ill Dispute) – is back to the acting scene after a long hiatus and couldn’t be happier that Clayton Caufman is the director of this short. She would like to thank him, her fellow actors, and her girlfriend, Ty, for all their patience and advice as she was settling into this role.

Eric Bond (Sam, the ordinaries, The Bartender, A Bot of Ill Dispute, Ben, Catfish) is thrilled to return to Brelby. You can keep up with his career on EricChristopherBond.com. He thanks the cast and crew for their dedication to this show. He thanks his loved ones for their constant support.

Cameron Bloom (Kenny the Kid , A Bot of Ill Dispute) – This is Cam’s first show with Brelby Theatre Company and he is very excited at the opportunity it presents! It has been since Cam’s senior year of high school that he has had the chance to act so he can’t wait. He would like to thank God, his girlfriend Angel for being supportive and pushing him to do this, and Tyler and Clayton for giving him this opportunity!