A Brelby Buzz Makeover

2015 saw the re-birth (if you will) of the Brelby Buzz with exciting new features, personal entries, show promotions, and so much more to add to our social media presence. But it’s a new year so we had to revamp and leave a few features in 2015, but there will be a number of new additions to the Brelby Buzz that we are stoked to introduce you to! You can expect more of some of your favorite features like Cross Contamination, you know you’ll still be getting Sass & Stuff from Megan and April’s continued Rambling Ideals, plus interviews and blog posts all leading up to Opening Night of all our productions. So sit back and allow your favorite #bloggingbabes (aka Megan and April) to introduce you to all the new features you have to look forward to on the Brelby Buzz to go along with Season 8!

Brelby Besties: There are plenty of friendships that have been cultivated over the years here at the Brelby Theatre Company and more everyday. But some of these friendships will transcend the mere word ‘friend’ and cross into the realm of ‘best friends for life’ #bffl! In this new segment, Brelby Besties will interviews the other with questions of their choosing in manner of the Newlywed Game!

The Brelby Localist: In downtown Glendale, there are a large assortment of restaurants, coffee shops, antique stores, bakeries, and so forth that really bring the area to life. Our collaborative artists and company members have favorite areas that they like to frequent. One of these locations will be showcased each month in this new addition to the blog.

Queen of the Day: A new take on an old staple! Brelby is all about closing the gap between men and women in the arts and we take special pride in fostering relationships between the incredible women who pass through our doors and share their incredible talents with us. Each month we’ll be posting a poll on the Facebook page so you can nominate an amazing woman to be featured on the blog. The exciting new change is that the previous month’s featured woman will interview the current month’s featured woman to keep the paying that awesome Girl Power forward. So keep an eye out for this one, because this is up to you to help us make sure the incredible women who help to make our shows so kick ass get to tell their stories.

New Columns: We’re adding a bunch of consistent columns to each month including a staple feature by Artistic Director, Shelby Maticic and Resident Artist, John Perovich. In addition to these and other standing columns including Sass & Stuff and Rambling Ideals, we’ll be featuring from the playwrights of Season 8 in a new column called This Guy/Girl Writes… We’ll also be starting a column written by members of the Brelby Ensemble; as the core group of artists who work tirelessly to make Brelby shows impeccable, the Brelby Company Members have a lot to talk about, so we’re going to give them the floor for a bit each month.

We are excited to present all these new columns for our readers to enjoy in the new year! The caliber of shows for our 2016 season will be engaging and innovative for our audiences and we want the Brelby Buzz to be just as new and fresh as the shows we’re all looking forward to. With 9 World Premieres and the Arizona premiere of Ghost: the Musical, it is sure to be a year filled with art and new opportunities for our artists as well as our design teams and directors. Stick around to see what’s in store for Brelby this Season because the Brelby Buzz will be bringing you lots of in depth, fun, and varied views of the shows all year!

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