Adventure is Out Here: Brelby’s Epic Summer Fundraiser!


Summer starts now, as Brelby gets ready to have an epic summer jam-packed with fun and adventure! Throughout the entire month of April, Brelby Theatre Company will be hosting a fundraising campaign to bring this epic summer season to life! “We’re bringing three world premieres, an Arizona premiere, and a beautiful classic to life over the next few months,” says Artistic Director, Shelby Maticic. “It’s important to us to continue bringing quality theatre to our West Valley community, and we have a lineup coming that we are excited to share.”

Brelby’s Summer of Adventure line up is pretty incredible and kicks off in May with the opening of, not one, but two two musicals, followed by a love letter to Fangirls and Nerds, and a glimpse into the dystopian future of Arizona. “Producing theatre is a huge undertaking and isn’t possible without the support of our community,” says Executive Director, Brian Maticic.

Brelby is unlike any other theatre in the valley; there is always something new going on! From Creative Challenges to Cabarets, Improv, Arizona and World premieres, Brelby Theatre Company provides artists with a place to imagine, create, and inspire. Any one who’s ever walked through the doors knows that feeling, that they can do something, anything. That this is a place to bring your passions, your questions, and your drive to pursue your dreams. It’s inspiring! You never know what will happen… not until you try.

So take a chance on us! All through the month of April, Brelby Theatre Company will be hosting a series of exciting events all designed to contribute to their online fundraising campaign, launching today!! Be an integral part of making this summer epic! Adventure is out here!

Veto Improv Show

bok choyBring your money!!! Things get crazier than normal because you control the show!! Results Mary Vary, Brelby’s resident Improv Team is eager and ready to do their part for the April Fundraiser and are having their first ever “Veto Improv Show” where shouting “Veto!” and flashing your cash gives you the power to change the direction of the show. Want to request your favorite skit? Want to see a favorite performer? Have a better idea than the one suggested? Make it rain and change the fate of the performers!

“If another audience member thinks their idea is superior to that of the improviser or another audience member, the bidding war will commence and the patron who bids the most money will win!” explains David Magadan. Magadan, who is teaching Improv Tuesday nights from 5-7 PM at Brelby Theatre, says “we are all hands on deck this month with the Fundraiser. The team has been getting a major work out with the new performance model and we are pumped up for the challenge of our first ‘Veto Show’.”

What: Results May Vary “Veto Improv Show”
When: Friday, April 17th at 10 PM
Admission to the show is $10. Bring some singles and get ready for an awesome night of comedy!

Brelby Artist Fair

artistfairBrelby values artistic expression in many forms, and the Theatre will transform into an art fair, showcasing wares from local artists, including many of Brelby’s favorites, at affordable prices. Many of our resident artists are participating and bringing their own unique approach to creating art. “The Brelby Artist Fair is going to be pretty spectacular. We are a diverse group of individuals with our own unique skill sets and a willingness to learn more, teach more. We advocate all the arts,” says Jaren Navenma, another of the participating artists.

“People can expect to see a variety of styles and pieces they can add to their art collection, or start one if they haven’t already!” says Devon Mahon, Brelby Company member and participating artist, “At Brelby we imagine, create, and inspire—this goes beyond the stage. Brelby is a safe place for artists of all backgrounds to learn and grow.” Shoppers will have the unique experience of meeting the artists who have created the pieces being sold. Not only will you get amazing art at a great price, but the chance to learn more about the artist and what inspires them.

Brelby is a Theatre Company. Why is it important for you to come to support art in other forms? Because. Your support of the arts, be it by purchasing an item, spreading the word about Brelby itself, or giving a monetary donation, helps us to continue producing quality art for Glendale and the West Valley.

What: Brelby Artist Fair
When: Saturday, April 18th 12:00-4:00 PM
Admission is free; a percentage of each purchase will go to support the April Fundraiser.

Brelby Creative Challenge

creativechallengeCreativity knows no limits at a Brelby Creative Challenge! Teams compete to dazzle audiences with entirely original performances after having only one week to prepare! Competitors are given a theme, a prop, and a phrase they must use to make a 7-minute performance piece and you—the audience, decide the winners!! Teams compete for a $50 cash prize, free classes at the Brelby Studio, and eternal glory…until the next Creative Challenge that is…

Since its inception, Jamie Terran has been apart of more winning teams than any other Brelby artist. I had to ask her what her secret is.

Megan: You’re the most successful Creative Challenger… what’s the secret? How do you do it?
Jamie: I don’t really have a secret!
Megan: That just cannot be true. Spill.
Jamie: Well… I guess if I did, it’s that I literally put my entire being into these creative challenges, and force my teammates to do the same. We practice hours every day for the entire week leading up to the performance.
Megan: That’s intense. Why do you keep doing them?
Jamie: They stretch me creatively! They help me to grow as an artist a lot in a short amount of time.
Megan: So why should people come to the Creative Challenge this month?
Jamie: The Creative Challenges are an amazing opportunity to work with people you don’t always get the chance to. It’s a way to kind of dream cast a show, and get to see people with different styles create something unexpected together!
Megan: Why should people donate to the April Fundraiser?
Jamie: People should donate to the Fundraiser because Brelby is super creel! (Author’s note: That word did not pop as misspelled which just makes me really curious) It’s a place where artists thrive and create together and are encouraged to leave their comfort zones, but in a place where they are supported!

What: April Creative Challenge
When: Saturday, April 18 at 7:30 PM
Admission to the show is $5. Bring cash to vote for your favorite team!

 Tea with the March Women, at The Spicery in our 1895 Home

teaStep back in time at The Spicery in Our 1895 Home as we have a lovely afternoon of tea with the March Women. The cast of Brelby’s Spring musical “Little Women” gathers to host a very elegant tea time where attendees will have the chance to mingle with some of literature’s most beloved characters. April Rideout, who will portray the eldest of the March sisters says, “I’ve always wanted to dress up and have tea and eat those bite-sized sandwiches, especially with characters of a show! Brelby is unlike any other Theatre around the Valley because they give you these kinds of immersive experiences while you watch but also outside the context of the show!”

What: Tea with the March Women
When: Saturday, April 25th at 2:30
Where: The Spicery in Our 1895 Home , by reservation only
To reserve a seat, contact The Spicery directly at (623) 937-6534
Admission is $25, and includes the afternoon tea menu

Brelby’s April Extravaganza!

This is it. This is the big one! The April Fundraiser has been leading up to this moment! The April Extravaganza! Brelby artists have been planning and preparing to bring you an evening of songs, scenes, and more as we celebrate some of our past performances and give you teasers to all of the show that will be part of our upcoming Summer of Adventure! We’re bringing back fan favorites from shows like “Godspell,” “Fools,” and “She Kills Monsters,” as well as sneak peeks from members of the casts of “Dotty Dot!” and “Little Women.”

Shelby and Brian Maticic (the “Brelby” of Brelby Theatre Company) host this evening devoted entirely to showcasing, not only, our artists many talents, but the quality and variety of the shows chosen to premiere in Glendale.

The April Extravaganza! will be immediately followed by a reception across the street at the Brelby Studio. Audience members will get a chance to tour the studio and mingle with our artists and ensemble, while enjoying refreshments!

What: Brelby’s April Extravaganza!
When: Saturday, April 25th at 7:30 PM, immediately followed by a reception
Where: The Amphitheatre in Murphy Park
Admission to this event, and the following reception, is free!

Brelby is the place to be this April! Grab your friends and come on out to Glendale because Adventure is Out Here! Come play with us!

To donate online, visit
Purchase tickets to upcoming performances at
Box Office and additional inquiries (623) 282-2781
The Brelby Studio is located at 6835 N 58th Ave, Glendale AZ, 85345.

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