An Open Letter to our Brelby Fans

An Open Letter to our Brelby Fans:

As we ventured into the process of opening our own storefront theatre, we promised that we would keep our fans updated along the way. We haven’t been holding up our end of the bargain, due to some snags that we’ve hit along the way. We felt that it was time to update you all, and from here forward, maintain a better level of visibility in our progress.

As young first-time business owners, we are learning a great deal of lessons (many the hard way) about opening a physical location. Lesson number one, always deal with general contractors who are currently licensed. We’ve learned that it is critical to not only do our homework about venders we hire, but to check their references (in this case, the Licensing Board for General Contractors). This particular stumble in the process has cost us time and money. We were given a quote on the renovations needed for our space that was inaccurate both in regards to total cost, and time needed to complete the work. For this reason, our next production of 2012, “Twelfth Night” will not be the first show that we perform in our new location.

After a disheartening week of discovering that our estimated construction costs had nearly tripled, and our construction timeline had extended by a possible six weeks, we were ready to unwind with some of our collaborative artists. A fortuitous decision to grab a glass of wine after rehearsal, around the corner at the Old Town Glendale Wine & Beer Bar (OTG) has provided us with the chance to still accomplish this dream of opening the Brelby Studio.

OTG and the Gastlight Inn have generously offered the use of their back patio for our performances of, “Twelfth Night” at the end of June and early August. They’re also allowing us to hold some additional upcoming fundraisers at this location. We’re completely overwhelmed by this offer, and it only solidifies how welcomed we’ve been by this entire Historic Downtown Glendale community.

Due to the changes for, “Twelfth Night,” we are making some alterations to the performance schedule. As we will be holding the show outdoors, we are no longer holding any matinee performances for the safety of our actors and audience members in the summer heat. In addition, our evening performances will be pushed back to 8:00pm.

Due to these changes, we have decided drop our ticket prices to $15 for our production. While we invite those who can to consider donating more towards the lingering costs of our renovations, new AC units, lighting system and other miscellaneous needs (paint, etc.), our biggest hope is that we will see a great deal of new patrons who will share their experience with Brelby. Those who are interested in donating, but unable to attend our production can help us to raise funds for our lighting system via

So in conclusion, we’re rolling with the punches and working our hardest to adapt to the obstacles that have been and will be thrown our way as we push towards opening this fall. Expect more frequent updates from this point forward, as we highlight all of the steps, big and small along this journey.

Thank you all for your patience and support throughout this adventure.

Much love,

Brelby (Brian + Shelby)

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