Announcing the cast of “Luna & Solis”

We are delighted to announce the illuminating cast of Luna & Solis, a brand new adult fairy tale by Brian Maticic.

Luna- Jenny Gantwerker
Solis- Shelby Maticic
Sienna- Sarah Bary
Aaron- Jonathan Gradilla
Samantha- Rebecca Ulbrich
Amara- Shelby Huston
Dez- Clayton Caufman
Dolo- Kevin Fenderson

Pithy- Anabel Olguin

Luna & Solis 
By Brian Maticic 
Nov 1-2 & 7-9 @ 7:30pm 
Nov 2-3, & 9-10 @ 2:00pm

The sun and the moon have loved one another from afar for eons, but their responsibility to humanity keeps them apart. They are only able to meet in person during an eclipse, when they take corporeal form.  However, eventually they grew weary of putting the lives of humans above their one happiness, and decide to run away together during the latest solar eclipse. What will humankind have to do to restore the balance?

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