Apply to be a part of the 2018 Brelby Writer’s Circle

Brelby is pleased to continue our annual tradition of facilitating a collaborative writing process for one of our productions. Past pieces have included Alice’s Canvas: the Wonderland ExhibitionQuest for Claus: the Musical, After Hours at Rosie’s Pub, Meet the Dryers (ariZoni Award nominated), and The Time Machine.

This year, we are accepting applications to join the writing team for Return to Rosie’s Pub. This production is a sequel to the audience favorite, After Hours at Rosie’s Pub. We are looking for 5 additions to the team. Applications will be reviewed based on content as well as the intent of forming a cohesive team that will work together creatively, productively, and positively.

Synopsis: In Return to Rosie’s Pub audiences will be invited back to experience the magic of Rosie the Riveter’s pub, existing somewhere outside the conventions of time and reality. This production will feature an entirely new array of famous women, pub guests and staff with stories to tell. One familiar face remains…Rosie the Riveter.

Performance Dates: Aug 24-25, 31, Sep 1, 7-8, 14-15 @ 7:30pm/ Aug 26, Sep 2, 9 @2pm

Writing Team Requirements:
Must be able to attend all writing team sessions in person. (Each session is from 12pm- 4pm: Jan 13, Jan 27, Feb 10, Feb 24, Mar 10, April 14, May 12, June 9, July 14)
Must provide an individual writing sample at least two pages in length.

Answer the following questions in your email application:

1) If you could choose one female from history to include in this incarnation of Return to Rosie’s Pub, who would you choose and why? (We’d prefer examples that are not repeats of characters who appeared in After Hours at Rosie’s Pub.)

2) What are 2 or 3 themes important to social issues concerning women (either in the United States or internationally)?  

3) How would you be an asset to the writing team?

4) What does feminism mean to you?

5) Describe your typical writing and/or artistic process.

6) Our writing teams are heavily collaborative. As a follow up to question 5, imagine that you are working with a group of writers, all with different strengths, processes, and approaches to storytelling. How do you anticipate collaborating with your fellow writers? Additionally, how might you consider suggestions for changes, edits, and lengthier rewrites from peers or the producers?

Applicants should submit all requested materials for consideration to no later than 8/19.