Auditions: August 11th

Brelby will be holding an additional round of auditions for our remaining shows of 2013 from 10am-1pm on August 11th.


Casting for three world premiere productions:

Through The Mist


Quest For Clause

Auditioners will be asked to prepare:
2 contrasting monologues, totaling no more than 2 minutes total.
Those who are auditioning for Through The Mist will be asked to prepare a 16 bar song selection.
A pianist will not be provided for initial rounds. A CD player and Ipod docking station will be available.

To schedule an audition or get clarification, please email Include any pertinent information about availability to aid in scheduling your audition time.

Details about casting breakdowns can be found below:
Through The Mist:

Nova: Outspoken, confident and tough, she acts like she doesn’t care what people think of her and doesn’t bother to censor herself. Everyone thinks that Nova is the one who will turn evil (“go the way of the mother”), but those who know her understand that she does have a soft side. She just has trouble showing it.

James: Nova’s twin brother. He is more introverted and sensitive than his sister, and what the islanders think of him bothers him very much. He is thoughtful, gentle, very smart and an excellent pastry chef.

Valerie: Works with James and Nova at the island bakery. She is a perfectionist and a bit of a goody two-shoes. Her heart is in the right place, but her reputation is very important to her. She keeps her friendship with the twins a secret.

Percy: An endearing young man who accidentally crashes his sailboat through the mist. He takes an instant liking to Nova. He is sweet, unintentionally funny and heart-meltingly adorable, but he has a surprisingly strong spirit.

Hope: Nova and James’ grandmother. She is sometimes stern but always loving. She owns the island bakery.

Aurelia and Ismene: Valerie’s catty, shallow best friends.

Saul: A thuggish islander with a short temper.

Scryers and Scouters: The scryers do not speak, but have a special ability that allows them to ‘see’ people in the outside world who have magic. The scouters are brutish soldier-types who go to the outside world to bring those with magic to the island.

Islanders: Inhabitants of the hidden island.



Seeking 2M, 1F: Seeking early to late 20’s.

Quest For Clause

Seeking various ages/character actors.

Specifically seeking:

Nick – Boy of 8-11 years

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