Brelbie Besties

Brelby Besties: Amelia & Sophia

Brelby Besties

Sophie Chavez and Amelia Huot

By Megan O’Connor

This month’s episode of Brelby Besties comes to you from Sophie Chavez and Amelia Huot. If you caught their Brelby snapchat takeover this weekend or sit anywhere near them, you’d swear they’ve been friends forever, but apparently met while working on this summer’s musical hit, Dogfight. These ladies are currently killing it in The 4th Annual Miscast Concert so read on for more about how amazing their friendship is and shout out to Karson for typing this legendary conversation.

Karson: Sophie is doing her makeup, she is beating that face HUNTEA. And we are just wondering how we are going to start this.

Soph: It all began at Dogfight callbacks…

Amelia: I legit do not remember that.

Soph: How do you not remember? Do you remember I was the first ensemble girl that sang?

Amelia: Oh yeah now I remember. Then first readthrough we sat near each other.

Karson: I was in between both of you.

Amelia: OH RIGHT!

Soph: What was your first impression of me?

Amelia: Well, at the first read through I heard you sing “Give Way” and I was amazed, in awe, holy crap, that’s how I felt… but also quiet and shy. And what did you think of me?

Soph: I legit heard you sing and I was like *shriek/dolphin noise* And immediately I was like I gotta be this girl’s friend.

Amelia: Aww how long did it take?

Soph: Until we got upstairs.

Amelia: Oh my god that was sad… But, how long did it take for us to become friends?

Soph: I’m like trying to think.. I think we really became friends during tech. Maybe the week before?

Amelia: Oh yeah when we were doing the run through?

Soph: Yeah.

Amelia: No but what I think made us become friends was that we always knew vine references.

Soph: YESSS.. Look at how pretty this color is! I’m gagging. ( Sophie doing her eyeshadow)

Amelia: That’s literally what started our friendship

Soph: I could say like any vine..

Amelia: I remember you, I think it was like you said a vine reference and I was like *tongue click* she knows.

Soph: But then we really got close when we like actually started the show because we had a lot of downtime backstage… but like a good kind of downtime.

Amelia: That’s when we really got close and then we would go out after shows together with Karson and Kevin, and Jacqui sometimes, and we just I don’t know were friends and bonded over food… also over Takkis 100% true. True love. And it’s been love ever since.

Soph: True love. The wedding is next week.

Amelia: After the show closes then Miscast opened, and yeah..

Soph: Then we had no choice to not see each other.

Amelia: Yeah we had no choice not to be friends. Basically, Sophie is an amazing friend. She is so caring, nice, funny, CRAZY TALENTED, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, showstopping, totally unique. She makes me feel good about myself when I’m feeling down, she supports me in anything and everything. I love her so much and I hope to work with her again.

Soph: Omg, Melia shut up! Amelia is seriously the most incredible human being. When we’re together, we just laugh and laugh and laugh until we can’t breathe. I feel so blessed to have met her. She’s gorgeous, hilarious, my vine bff, totally unique, amazing, throw it in a blender, SO nice, a great person to vent to, AND HER VOICE!!! OH MY GOD!!!! Show. Stopping. She has such a kind heart… I hope everyone finds a friend like Amelia. I love her!!!

Our thanks to these pals for discussing their incredible friendship. We love when women support each other and make bonds like this! And don’t miss these two in action during The 4th Annual Miscast Concert which has its last two shows this upcoming Friday at Saturday!!

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