Brelby Besties: Brenna J & Shelby H

Brelby Besties
By Megan O’Connor

Today, the Brelby Buzz brings you the very fabulous friendship of Brenna Jackson and Shelby Huston, seen together on the Brelby stage during After Hours at Rosie’s Pub. These two beauties hit it off during that rehearsal process and they open up about adventures, musicals, and boy bands. They’re women after our own hearts.

Brenna Jackson: Shebbyyyyyyyyyyyy

Shelby Huston: Buh:ren:ahhhh!!

BJ: So I guess they want us to write about our amazing friendship so we should start with the most interesting story: how we met!

SH: I’ll take this one! We officially met at one of our first Rosie’s rehearsals. I thought you were so cool and you were just chillin’ by yourself. So I walked up to you and sat down and said “We are going to be best friends”. And you looked at me like I was crazy, but guess who was right?

BJ: I was definitely freaked out by your forwardness but also i definitely thought you were a very cool girl and so my first thought was “okay honey” but then we got BWW and got really personal and got to know each other and our friendship was cemented. You were right lol.

SH: It’s because I’m a little psychic, obviously 😉 And I am a very straight:forward person! Next question: what has been your favorite Brenna/Shelby adventure we have embarked on together?

BJ: Oh god there are so many. I was really grateful for the time you came out with me to Queen Creek to see Ayanna Siders in Hairspray. It was like two hours out from us and I didn’t want to make the drive alone so thank god it turns out you love the show! We stopped at QT and got snacks and drinks and chit chatted and sung to Legally Blonde all the way out!

SH: I remember that! One of our first show adventures! It was so fun adventuring and jamming out to musical theatre and finding that rotating sushi bar that only played songs from 2009.

BJ: YES!!! So much fun. Alright it’s time to get sappy: how do you see our friendship transforming in the years to come?

SH: I am sure that we will end up doing a million more shows together, move somewhere fabulous, and dress our children in matching outfits during the day. And obviously work on Broadway at night!

BJ: Oh absolutely! Can’t wait for everything that’s to come, especially for the next show we do together!

SH: Same! Okay, last question. What is your favorite boy band song from 2009? Your answer depends how long our friendship lasts so choose wisely.

BJ: OH GOD THE PRESSURE is it….. “Love Like Woe” by The Ready Set? #throwback?

SH: THAT’S WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY! Okay, our friendship can continue on: we are safe 😉

BJ: Oh bless lol. Well, I think our readers get the picture : we’re pretty great and we’re pretty great friends! Been a pleasure interviewing you my love!

SH: Ditto……… 😉

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