Brelby With Sprinkles: Christmas Memories

What was your favorite part of the holidays as a kid? Tell us a quick story of your favorite holiday memory!

mocha2Megan O’Connor, Props Designer and Set Decoration: I love our Christmas tree. Look at any picture of our tree from this year or when I was 4, it looks exactly the same. We use the same tree topper, the same lights, the same tinsel. So many of the ornaments are homemade from when us girls were in Sunday School or when my Mom and Dad were newly married. Decorating that tree with my family, although it usually includes at least one fight, is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

April Rideout, Sound Designer: My favorite part of the holidays as a kid was opening presents at Christmas, which is such a classic answer. My favorite holiday memory though, was seeing my first snowfall. My family spent that Christmas at my grandma’s cabin in Show Low and I woke up on Christmas morning to see soft white flakes covering the ground of the backyard. At that age (I think I was 6 or 7), I had to check if the snow had reached the front yard as well. When I was assured that it did, I exclaimed loudly, “There is snow in the front and backyard! Yay!” It was a magical Christmas because of the snow and I got the best present ever: an American girl doll, Felicity. First snowfall on Christmas, an awesome doll, what more could you ask for at that age?

mocha1Kim See, Janette: My favorite Christmas memories always revolve around my Gramma. It never felt like Christmas until we decorated her tree, had some eggnog (always in the same plastic tumbler with bells on the bottom) while listening to classic Christmas music. It didn’t matter if we did all of it on Christmas Eve, weeks before December 25th, or even after. These three traditions usher in the feeling of happiness and love that can only be felt this time of year.


Matthew Wetzel, Bob: My favorite part of the holidays is when my family would go up to Flagstaff  to see snow. As someone who was born and raised in Arizona, snow was a rare occurrence and very welcome. We would sled, make snow forts, have snow ball fights, go on adventures through the forest, and most importantly have a great time together. Those memories will always stay with me and remind me of how much my family means to me, and all the good times we had together.


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