Brelby With Sprinkles: Holiday Wishes



The holiday season usually brings out the best in us and for most this means a less self-absorbed person who’s more focused on our community and fostering the relationships with the people around us. What are your wishes for the holidays of the future?

Clayton Caufman, Darren: When I picture my future it’s hard not to imagine future holidays, I can only hope they are filled with joy. Whether that involves spending them with friends and family or celebrating abroad; as long as it feels like the holidays, it’s fine with me. I hope to one day spend the holidays with my own wife and children and start our own traditions. Whatever the future holds I hope it’s festive.

Jordan Davis, Assistant Director and Set Design:  I haven’t always celebrated the holidays, but now I wouldn’t miss them. It is a time for my estranged family to all get to see each other at least once a year. Generally we are all busy with work or life to have much time for our closest relatives. The holidays gives me some much needed time to see people I love and I hope it stays that way.

Taylor Harrison, Assistant Stage Manager:  I hope to spend all my future Christmases with the people I love. So far, I haven’t had that chance and I look forward to that in the future. Hopefully they’ll be filled with love and warmth and joy, (and somewhere where I can experience a White Christmas for the first time… London maybe?). In general, I just wish to have a family and a home to spend Christmas at, and I know with the people in my life now, that’s not a far off future.

Chavez Benally, Costume, Hair and Makeup Design: Growing up, my mom and I never really celebrated Christmas because we were never close enough to the rest of our family to do so. Although we never had a tree or decorated the house, we had each other. Waking up on Christmas I had presents, but really all we needed was the food we prepared and whatever Christmas movie was on at the time. Today, now that I have a loving boyfriend and the best friends I can ask for we now celebrate “friendsgiving” and secret Santa, events I really look forward to this year. My mom and I still spend Christmas Day together. Now that I’m older and have a job, I can get her gifts instead of the charming crayon portrait. You can say it’s really not much at all, but it’s all I could really ask for.


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