Artist Spotlight

Looking Back on 2015: The Ensemble

As we wrap up the 2015 Season, we’re looking back on #magnificentseason7. In today’s piece, I (Artistic Director, Shelby…hello!) sit down with my core ensemble to discuss the past 10 shows! Shelby: Describe a moment backstage that made you laugh, made you happy, or made you feel incredibly connected to […]

Playwright Spotlight: Brian Maticic

This season has been intense, and amazing. My original Christmas show Nonfat Soy Peppermint Mocha Latte… with Sprinkles (A tale of Christmas Spirit) is about to enter its closing weekend after a successful run at the studio, and we are deep into rehearsals for my new world premiere script Windfall […]

Congratulations to the Cast: Meet the Dryers

Join us in congratulating the cast of next season’s Meet the Dryers. Synopsis: Meet the Dryers follows the story of James, an introverted 14 year old, who finds solace and acknowledgement through the extreme embellishment of stories about his real life family for his followers on Reddit. Our audiences will experience […]

Artist Spotlight: Clayton Caufman

Artist Spotlight: Clayton Caufman Greetings, reader. Let me introduce myself. I’m Clayton Caufman and I am a member of Brelby’s resident improv team, Results May Vary (RMV). I’m a Leo and enjoy candle lit dinners under the stars . . . Oh wait, I’m here to talk about improv, so […]