Sass & Stuff: Professional Behavior 1

Professional Behavior By Megan O’Connor Professionalism is one of those things that you know when you see it. And you definitely know when you don’t see it. I don’t have a degree in Theatre, so there are a lot of things I’m still learning on the job in this setting. […]

Sass & Stuff: Where the Magic Happens

Where the Magic Happens By Megan O’Connor Applications for next season are due soon! Have you applied to work on a show next season? I hope so! I’ve put in a couple and plan to audition for a few of the amazing shows we’re doing next season. There are some […]

Sass & Stuff: The Other Side

The Other Side By Megan O’Connor I’m so tired, guys. The Oz Chronicles marks my third Summer Epic with Brelby, but this time I’m not Stage Managing like before… I’m acting, which means a whole new set of challenges. You’d think since I’ve more or less “watched” the rehearsal process […]

Sass & Stuff: Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye. By Megan O’Connor We produce so much here at Brelby. We are constantly working on show after show after show, and some of our Company Members and Collaborative Artists go back to back and transition seamlessly between performing, designing, directing, stage managing. We do it all. And we […]

Sass & Stuff: Makeup Love

Makeup Love By Megan O’Connor I have a personal challenge I give to myself when I go into a new project and it’s a simple one: I want to learn and try one new thing. That’s it. It doesn’t even need to be complicated, but it allows me to push […]

Sass&Stuff: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day By Megan O’Connor It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. Hope you didn’t let life get in the way and forget to buy your Mom something special. Unless of course your Mother is like mine, in which case she won’t want anything. No gifts, no recognition, in fact she’s out […]

Sass & Stuff: We’ve Got a Good Thing Going

We’ve Got a Good Thing Going By Megan O’Connor I’ve been having serious deja vu this past month. I’m in rehearsals for the 3rd Annual Miscast Concert with some of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure to work with, including my two oldest and best friends, Monica Bollt […]

Sass & Stuff: Trust

Trust By Megan O’Connor   Post-show hangovers are real, guys. If you spend much time around the Company Members, you’ll know that we tend to be less emotionally attached to the shows because most of us will close one and immediately begin rehearsing or designing the next one. We take […]