Company Corner: Meet Sophie


Brelby’s company members comprise our core ensemble. They take on administrative tasks to help keep our theatre running smoothly, but they are so much more than just volunteers. Our company members set the bar as leaders, artists, and humans as to what Brelby’s executive team expects from our collaborative artists. They are dedicated, driven, reliable, creative, and compassionate.

Today’s Company Corner features an interview between Brelby’s Artistic Director Shelby Maticic, and one of our most recent additions to the company, Sophie Chavez. Sophie made her Brelby debut in the ensemble of Dogfight, and has been seen in The 3rd Annual Miscast ConcertElf Academy, The 2nd Annual Night of Shorts, and most recently as Martha Dunnstock in Heathers the Musical. She recently lent a hand with the quick changes backstage of Spin, and is preparing to tackle her first sound design for this summer’s production of Spy Love You.  She’s currently in rehearsals as Daphne, the small town girl with big dreams, in Fly By Night.


Shelby: Tell me about how you found your way to Brelby.

Sophie: When Brelby released their 9th season, I saw that they were doing Dogfight, so I thought I’d give it a try. This was my 2nd theatre audition outside of high school and I remember being so nervous, but when my audition came, all of my stress and anxiety went away. Everyone was so kind and welcoming! When I was at callbacks, I kept thinking to myself “oh my god, i need to work with this company.” When I got that first casting email, I ugly cried. Brelby took a chance on some no-named girl and for that I’m eternally grateful. This upcoming may will be my one year anniversary with Brelby. Here’s to many more! 

Shelby: Cheers! What got you started in theatre?


Sophie: I caught the theatre bug when I was in the 6th grade. I did a couple plays here and there, but my first musical was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I played the character Violet Beauregarde. I always wanted to do more theatre after that, but I was so shy when I was younger, so I don’t think my family took me seriously when I said I wanted to act. My junior year of high school, I auditioned for the spring musical, which was Shrek, and I got the role that I wanted (I was the singing cookie). I had a really great theatre teacher in high school who was so supportive & gave me challenging roles. If it weren’t for her, I don’t think I would be doing theatre now. I’m forever grateful for her.

Shelby: Great teachers make such a difference. Can you share one or two of your favorite Brelby memories?

Sophie: Wowie! There are so many!! My first show with Brelby was Dogfight, and for our first read through, we had a get together at your house. I remember being so nervous, I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, so that definitely helped my nerves. After the read through, I was telling my mom “This is going to be the most incredible show I have ever been a part of. I just know it.” It was, and it still is. I’ve met so many incredible people through Brelby, but the one sticks out is my soul bestie, an actual goddess: Amelia!!!! We didn’t become close friends until the miscast concert(we went out to eat after every show… oops!), but since then we’ve been inseparable. We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders and I just don’t know what I would do with her. So thank you Brelby, for blessing me with my best friend!


Shelby: I love watching the way that you two support one another. Everyone deserves a friendship like that. If you had to choose one quote that summed up how you try to live your life, what would it be?

Sophie: “There’s nothing a man can do, that I can’t do better and in heels.”

Shelby: Yes, queen! As a company member, you have a specific administrative task that you are responsible for.

Sophie: Yes, I’m a Volunteer Coordinator (along with Amelia Huot). 

Shelby: Can you tell me more about what your role entails?


Sophie: My #1 goal as Volunteer Coordinator is to bring people together to make Brelby the absolute best it can be. There’s something special about having Brelby Veterans come together to put up a cabaret or to help build a set, even watch baby Rory (my favorite thing to do)!!! Not to mention, volunteering is a great bonding opportunity! We are also going to expand more of our volunteer opportunities to the public, which would be so incredible, because volunteering is vital in the Arizona theatre community!

Shelby: We love volunteers. Some of our core artists have found their way here by starting as volunteers. What else are you looking forward to accomplishing as a company member?

Sophie: Helping Brelby to grow in the best way possible! This theatre is so incredible and I want all of Arizona to know Brelby!

Shelby: Thanks for letting us all get to know you a little better, Sophie. Next up, Sophie will be performing the role of Daphne in our spring production of Fly By Night.

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