Congratulations to the cast of “Fangirl!”

Congratulations to the cast of “Fangirl!”

By Manda Leigh Blunt

Directed by Emily Heald

With Comic Con only days away, Lila is shocked to find that her arch nemesis has stolen her idea for the original character contest. She has only four days and her three best friends to help her come up with a brand new idea. Matters aren’t helped when Lila’s cousin Marcie comes to visit, a budding fashion designer who is nothing like Lila and does not understand her obsession with all things fandom. Throw in a Wonder Woman bedspread, a Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver, a Benedict Cumberbatch pillow, a Captain Planet salute, Vulcan ears, a lynx costume, a book on potions, a date, a make-over, a betrayal, and light sabers, this is one week that these girls are never going to forget. That is, if they make it Comic Con in one piece.

Tickets for the Brelby Studio run are available at:


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