Congratulations to the cast of Space Junk!

Join us in congratulating the cast of Space Junk by Cody Goulder.
Directed by Luke Gomez

Robert Fata….Luke
Matt Clarke…Kaz
Erin Coen…Jay Lee
Hayla Stewart…Adrian
Amber Wright…Sharon
De’Onte Lemons…Francis



April 7-8, 14-15, 21-22 @ 7:30PM
April 9, 15  @ 2PM

Luke is having a bit of a crisis. He just broke up with his girlfriend, Jenny. This should be seen as a good thing until Luke gets cold feet. He is so scared of being alone, he’s called Jenny and decided to try to work things out. He’s got one night to fix this and have a romantic dinner to get his love life back on track. However, there is one problem. A mysterious metal object has crashed through his roof burying itself into his sofa and almost setting the apartment on fire. To make matters worse, the object keeps beeping and making strange noises.

Now, with the help of his former best friend Kaz, Luke has to take care of the still smoldering couch, figure out what to do with this mystery object from space, fend off the pair of FBI agents who has just shown up to investigate his home, hold back his personal, warm feelings to his medical student neighbor, and find a clean shirt all so he can make it to dinner on time to save a relationship he isn’t even sure he wants to save after all.

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