Congratulations to the cast of the 5th Annual Brelby Miscast Concert



Join us in congratulating the cast of The 5th Annual Brelby Miscast Concert

Directed by Shelby Maticic & Jessie Tully
Music Direction by CJ O’Hara
Choreography by Thea Eigo

Brady Anderson
Robert Andrews
Alyssa Arns
Rebekah Avila
Sarah Bary
James Beneze
Sophia Chavez
Ben Cleaveland
Danielle Donaldson
Kevin Fenderson
Alicia Ferrin
Danny Hernandez
Amelia Huot
Shelby Huston
Katie Lambert
Deanna McMahan
Falin Ossipinsky
Sarai Phillips
Jack Taylor
Richard Vines
Sara Walton


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