Congratulations to the casts for “The Kill” and “Collapse!”

Brelby is pleased to announce the cast lists for our first studio production of 2014. “The Kill” and “Collapse” are two one-acts by local playwright Steven Cleaveland, and will be presented back to back as an evening of world premieres Jan 9-12, 2014. 


The Kill

Directed by: Emily Heald

Being a hitman isn’t nearly as difficult as most people think, or so Jaquelyn believes until she can’t escape from her own crime scene. Being stopped by deliveries, girl scouts and their nosy mothers, the ten minute hit spirals out of control as she desperately tries to escape before the cops show up. Filled with mistaken identities, death, twists, and lots of red punch, “The Kill” is sure to keep you laughing to the very end.


Jaquelyn: Tatiana Gil
Charlotte: Michelle Allen
Kitty: Niki DeShazo
Gregory: David Magadan
Francis: Ben Cleaveland
Harold: Mat Vansen
Florence/ Sargent:  Tamara  French
Medic/Police:  Corinne Tachuk
Medic/Police: Jaren Navenma
Delivery Man/Neighbor: Keach J. Siriani-Madden
TV Man: David Magadan
TV Woman: Tamara French


Directed by: Luke Gomez

Being trapped hundreds of feet below the surface in a flooded mine shaft changes a person as Colby and Barrett discover in the tragi-comedy, “Collapse”. Colby, an optimist, is confident that they’ll both be rescued, while Barrett, a realist, thinks they should prepare themselves for the possibility death. The two characters continuously butt heads as both their worldviews come under fire, which is only complicated as they contact someone on the surface and find a body drifting past.


Barrett – Robert Peters
Colby – Keach J. Siriani-Madden

Thank you to all who auditioned!

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