Congratulations to the casts of The Night of Shorts


Brelby is delighted to be kicking off our 2017 season with a compilation of original short plays by 7 of our most promising playwrights.
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By Ilana Lydia
Directed by John Perovich

Ever get the feeling all of reality has been created by two teenage boys? That’s ridiculous, of course. But two teenage Bug-Eyed Monsters . . . now that has merit. Find out what happens when one of them falls in love with his creation.

Charlie – Tim McCandless
Pete – Eric Bond
Little Girl – Alexandra Utpadel
Little Girl’s Reflection – Melody Chrispen

By Chelsea Frandsen
Directed by Clayton Caufman

When you’re tagged, you’re tracked. Everywhere you go, everything you do, every thought in your head and word out of your mouth, twenty-four hours a day, sevens days a week. You break the rules, you die. Literally.

Riley – Kayla Cook
Jason – De’Onte Lemons
Deac – Peter Loza

Better Half
By Jessie Tully & Mia Passarella
Directed by Christina Maxwell

Discovering the past is never an easy task. But what happens when it leaves you questioning the life you created?

Lacey – Samantha-Elise Tennant
Cecilia – Marina Sharpe
Charlie – Cliff Williams
Dylan – Micah Jondel DeShazer

Last Minute
By Jaren Navenma
Directed by Zachary Arnold

How far would you go for someone you loved? Charley is trying to set up the perfect birthday surprise for his girlfriend, Beth, with the help of Carl, but Charley has a secret. Will he be ready in time with a little help from Carl, a poorly drawn poster board, and… voodoo?

Carl – Jared Queen
Charley – Daniel James Hall
Beth – Julia Jones


The Chump Button
By Jamie Maletz
Directed by Devon Mahon

What happens when the one who writes your dreams gets writers block? You may find yourself trapped in your worst nightmare. And if you think someone’s going to come save you…dream on.

Dreamwriter 724 – Philip Tyler Rich
Dawn – Anabel Olguin
7th Floor Supervisor – Jessica Holt
Other Dreamwriters – Chelsea Jauregui & Bertha Cortes

Take Me Back
By Allison Bauer
Directed by Carolyn McBurney

Memories are precious. Some go to great lengths to relive them and some go to great lengths to get rid of them. How far would you go to hold onto something you never had?

Woman – Colleen Carnahan
Boy – Matt Clarke
Girl – Courtney Kenyon

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