Cross Contamination: Shelby & Lydia (Beyond Little Women)




 Welcome to Cross Contamination, a new Brelby Buzz segment where we pair up artists from two very different upcoming productions to interview one another.

In the upcoming series of Cross Contamination, we bring together artists from Little Women: The Musical and Beyond Musketeers: Utopia Lost. Our first installment in the series features Shelby Maticic (playing Queen Anne in Beyond Musketeers) and Lydia McCloskey (playing Beth March in Little Women: The Musical).

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A Conversation Between Shelby & Lydia

Shelby: Most people reading this have a pretty good idea about how Brelby came to be, but I’d like to hear how you got started in theatre.
Lydia: My mom was always involved in theater, and I decided to do an acting camp that she was going to teach at when I was about 9. I absolutely fell in love, and have been doing it ever since.
Shelby: Where else have you performed around the valley?
Lydia: I have performed with Christian Youth Theater, Actor’s Youth Theater, Hale Centre Theater, and Arizona Broadway Theater. I’m excited to add Brelby to the list!
Shelby: We’re excited to have you! Your real life mom plays Marmee in our production. What is the best thing about performing with your mother in this show?
Lydia: I have been lucky enough to perform with my mom in a number of shows throughout the years! The best thing about it is the support and help we can give each other. We’re able to practice songs and lines together and it helps a lot!
Shelby: What was your first impression of Brelby when we started rehearsals?
Lydia: I loved the way it seemed like such a friendly family atmosphere, while still maintaining a very professional way of rehearsing. I have enjoyed this experience tremendously!
Shelby: I’m glad to hear that! Is there anything about this theatre that stands out, or is different than other places that you’ve performed?
Lydia: I have never performed in such a small space, and I really like the intimate vibe. Brelby definitely stands out to me because everyone who runs it have put their heart and soul into making it a professional and enriching place to perform. It really shows.
Shelby: Thanks! We try. We’ve had quite a few conversations as a cast that divulged how geeky our actors are. Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?
Lydia: Oh, Slytherin FOR SURE. I’m sassier than you think! And I collect bugs, soooo..
Shelby: I’m totally a Gryffindor, but I suppose that we can still be friends. Do you have any unique hobbies?
Lydia: I horseback ride and I love to draw, read, and paint.
Shelby: I love to read too. I’m also a big fan of crafting.
Lydia: I also love watching horror movies.
Shelby: That doesn’t surprise me. I have to ask. What’s with your weird doll collection?
Lydia: I find scary, broken, disheveled dolls in thrift shops and take photos of them for my “Scary Dolls” album. Beth March sort of does the same thing! She takes all of the old and forgotten dolls of her sisters and gives them a loving home.
Shelby: I think that might be sweet. I’m still deciding.
Lydia: Will Rumor be making any more stage debuts soon?
Shelby: Haha! I’m seriously considering letting Aunt March have a fancy little dog.
Lydia: OMG, please! What’s your middle name?
Shelby: My friends probably know this already…but Elise. I tend to credit myself as Shelby Elise in most theatrical endeavors.
Lydia: What is your dream show to direct?
Shelby: I have so many…right now it’s a tie between Dogfight: the musical and The Unauthorized Biography of Samantha Brown
Lydia: Dream role?
Shelby: So tough…I actually am really excited about playing Queen Anne in Beyond Musketeers. I love originating roles. My dream would be to keep bringing to life characters that our audiences haven’t seen before. It’s so freeing and exhilarating. And she’s a strong female character…graceful and gracious, but also efficient in combat.
Lydia: If you had to be an animal, what would you want to be?
Shelby: A Jack Russell…or an otter.
Lydia: Would you rather be bald for the rest of your life, or have no toenails?
Shelby: I guess no toenails. I could always wrap up my feet for protection, but I love my hair. Having my hair played with is the greatest feeling ever.
Lydia: Which March sister would you want to throw you a surprise party?
Shelby: I think that Jo would throw an awesome themed party. She’d probably be the queen of DIY projects, and write me an elaborate poem about my greatest features.


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