Discovering Draiocht: Creator of Worlds



Creator of Worlds

By Cody Goulder & Mat Vansen


Wrapping up our first magical week discovering the fantastical world of The Age of Eibhleann, writers Cody Goulder and Mat Vansen discuss the creation of Draiocht and its parallel, the human world, Chronos. That’s right! The Age of Eibhleann does not take place in any world you are going to recognize as your own! Make sure you get your tickets early to this incredible fantasy adventure, that takes you on a magical adventure from start to finish and read to the end to see how the boys wrap up the first part of the Brelby Ensemble’s Quest.


Tell us about the challenges of creating two worlds, neither of which are the one we or our audience live in.

I think the biggest challenge with creating any world that we don’t actually live in is making it different enough to be interesting but at the same time similar enough to be relatable to an audience who obviously lives in our own. But then we decided to create two worlds, which meant we were tasked with finding a way to make sure they were distinct from one another. Draiocht had to be green and lush; much more organic than Chronos, a more structured environment. Finding that balance, especially early on in the writing process, became really tricky to navigate. But, once the rules were in place it wasn’t so bad.


The majority of the show takes place in Draiocht, but the writers did spend a lot of time developing Chronos. What about Chronos do you find interesting?

The aesthetic of Chronos is incredibly interesting; this is a world that is very focused on time and structure–by the minute. This world is all about pace and order. and to see how the inhabitants embody that, specifically through what they wear, is fascinating. There’s something almost dark and militaristic to the world of Chronos that would be so interesting to explore if we write a sequel.


Talk about the challenges and benefits of writing in a large group and devising a new work.

Working in a big group, especially a big group of creative people, makes for an abundance of ideas or concepts that can be tossed around. Clarity was a huge challenge; making sure an idea was heard correctly and cleanly so that everyone’s voice was heard. It was something we all agreed to early on and valued throughout the process; none of the writers can say they didn’t get their turn to say something. And the writing team, most of us this is our first devised show, was so amazing and the characters, moments, and actions just poured out of us. Everyone had the opportunity to get an idea from someone else and to keep the momentum going. But, when working with such a large group, you have to be super clear about what you want to see or what you are thinking for a scene or character.

Once we had the script though, we had to find a way to create a common voice and easy flower throughout the story so it sounds like it was written by the well-oiled machine that we are. Throughout the process, which is ongoing, we continue to have discussions to ensure The Age of Eibhleann is a complete and coherent story.



The Ensemble have their map of Draiocht from our fearless leader, Shelby. The writers are charged with packing the bags. Each can choose one item that the Ensemble may need on this epic journey to help us navigate through this new world.

Mat: You guys get a mask that will allow you to disguise yourself as any race in Draiocht. Have fun talking to bird people.

Cody: To get through Draiocht, I would highly suggest bringing… crayons.  That way, I can draw pictures for a Darras to show me where I can go to get a delicious burrito.  And if none exist, use the crayons to draw for them how to make it.

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