Discovering Draiocht: The Magic Makers


The Magic Makers

Featuring playwrights Luke Gomez & Devon Mahon

Yesterday, Shelby introduced us to the Worlds of The Age of Eibhleann, within which exist many characters of different races and magical abilities. They sky is turning purple and the moons are almost aligned; something big is about to happen. Throughout the week, the writers have teamed up again to give us more insight into the ancient realm of Draiocht and all the magics existing within. Read to the end to find out how they help us on our quest to Discover Draiocht!

“So as I begin I should mention that I have no idea what Devon wrote and I mention this only to highlight the kind of exciting chaos that exist when you’re head first into a devised show like we are.” ~Luke Gomez

Tell us about the kind of magic that exists in the world of The Age Of Eibhleann.

In the worlds of The Age Of Eibhleann we have two kinds of magic: time-centered magic derived from the Taisce’s and magic that comes from the magical races that inhabit the land (no dwarves or hobbits mind you). Throughout the realm of Draiocht we have taisces, very much the traditional Macguffins of the show, that allow their users to travel through time, slow down time, see time, or manipulate how someone spends their time; they drive Hallie’s journey across this strange realm and highlight her growth and strength from a scared girl to the person she was destined to become. The inner magic each character possesses is dependent on their race within the realm: The Lanmurs are tough, aggressive, and control metal. The Darras are strange and carry many secrets; they’re also shapeshifters. The Eólas are hyper­intelligent, perceptive and prophetic; they may have machinations a few steps ahead of what the other characters are aware.

What is the importance of using magic in a story like this, other than how cool it will look on stage?

The importance of using magic in a show like this is that it allows the performance to have the effect of “making a day unnatural.” It’s already a show with magic and worlds we don’t belong in, but the taisce’s themselves are reflections of the natural powers each of the magical races possesses, so the ways in which each character handles their powers is very revealing of their characters. And these are their lives, so what makes them different? Because different is good. Different is interesting. Magic is different, and therefore magic gives us the freedom to take the audience on a new kind of experience for the day.

Talk about the challenges and benefits of working on a devised show.

The challenges and benefits for a devised show go hand in hand – On one hand nothing is set in stone and you can continue to create and manipulate. On the other…nothing is set in stone! You never know what’s going to get cut or changed in the process. It feels incredibly rewarding and exhilarating though. Everyday we get to go through the frustrations and excitements of collaboration and the creative process and watch something take shape week after week and day after day. Having 8 writers we got to experience the twists and turns a show takes when more than one mind generates it, and even further into the rehearsal process when we add more creative minds it starts to flesh out and take on new dimensions.

Each race has a unique brand of magic to help Hallie on her journey, which is your favorite? Which would you want to possess?

Devon: My favorite brand of magic within this show is shape shifting! I would definitely want this power in real life – Too short to ride this ride? Not anymore! Too tall for this secret passage? Ha! Not today! Need to blend in with a crowd? Look I’m an old lady…or am I this baby? Or this ferret?

Luke: I could be biased, but if I could pick a power I’d want Aldrick’s power; the Eólas’ intelligence, perception, and ability to read prophecies. There’s just something very cool about how unassuming yet deadly the Eólas can be. Also, Brian commented that they’re very much like Shaolin Monks which is always a plus.

The Quest

The Ensemble have their map of Draiocht from our fearless leader, Shelby. The writers are charged with packing the bags. Each can choose one item that the Ensemble may need on this epic journey to help us navigate through this new world.

Devon: My item for the journey is an extra pair of socks – if there’s water, say at a grotto, you’re going to want dry socks…wet socks in shoes is not very comfy at all. If it’s cold like in the mountains double up and keep them feet warm. If it’s hot…like desert or volcano hot, keep them hands safe.

Luke: If I can include one item, it would definitely be a bottle of mouthwash since everyone sharing 1 toothbrush would be gross.

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