Finding Brelby: Jared Queen


Finding Brelby: Jared Queen

Jared Queen made his Brelby debut as one of our two Ariels in the Tempest that plays its final three performances this weekend. Discover what brought him to Brelby and why he plans to stay around long after the conclusion of the Tempest.


New spaces can be intimidating. Especially walking in on an established group of artists that are all ready to make theater happen. I consider myself as another human being looking to create so it is my responsibility to be willing to jump in and help in any way I can. Having a space like Brelby to encourage the involvement and collaboration of their artists was a refreshing feeling. Especially by being welcomed in by a new circle of people.

DSC_0872As the summer had started, I was suddenly eager to stay busy working on any project. A classmate of mine, Alexxis, had been excited about working at Brelby after her experiences in Dotty Dot and Fangirl and encouraged me to come and audition over the summer for their upcoming productions for the fall. The audition process I went through was for Poseidon’s Regret and The Tempest. It truly was the most fun I’d had at an audition process. I’d not ever made friends in an audition setting before.

Eventually, I learned I was cast in Tempest as Ariel, and the real experience was starting. A DSC_0892word to summarize that rehearsal process, and Brelby, in general would be PROFICIENT. Our directors had a very clear vision and established a perfectly encompassing framework for this story. That talent was shared throughout the process with our designers, wonderfully executing their drafts and designs, and the company that keeps the shows coming, going, as well as entertaining.

Working with Dan and Amanda was the top of my list of “firsts.” First Shakespeare, first time with Brelby, first time working with 2 directors (not that it ever created a challenge, it was just a first), and more! The two of them created a perfect learning process and artistic collaboration for me, personally. That knowledge I gained is worth more than any resumé addition. As The Tempest comes to an end, I am already looking forward to joining another Brelby team of artists to put on yet another beautiful production.

Until next time,

Jared Queen

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