Finding Brelby: Kristiana Faddoul


Finding Brelby: Kristiana Faddoul

If you have not met her already, our first Finding Brelby blogger is Kristiana Faddoul. Kristiana was seen on stage in She Kills Monsters, Little Shop of Horrors, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She’s known for wielding a sword with ease and filling any room with a burst of positivity. But, do you know how she came to be here? Hmm.


She Kills Monsters-70

As what I like to call a “second generation” Brelby artist, I came upon the Brelby Theatre Company completely by chance and sheer perfect timing.

My mother found audition times for the famous Shakespearean show at a little theater called the Brelby Theatre Company in historic Downtown Glendale. To be honest, I was 100% against the audition at first. I had never heard of the theater before and was a bit skeptical. I was just about to finish a show and wanted a break. The audition was in two days, which gave me very little time to prepare, and I just wasn’t in the mood to do a Shakespearean show. However, being the mother that Kimberly is, she pushed both Simon and I to give it our best and go audition.Back in 2013, when I was a mere junior in high school, my mother, Kimberly, and my brother, Simon, were on looking for new theaters to audition at. I, personally, had no intention to audition for any shows at that moment in time. I was just about to finish performing Little Shop of Horrors at my high school and preparing for prom night as well. However, little did I know that I would be pushed into an audition for A Midsummer Night’s Dream two days later.

Those two days flew by faster than anything, and auditions were quickly upon my little brother and I. To be completely honest again, I was everything but ready. I had been so busy performing as Audrey in Little Shop to truly focus on my audition monologue. Simon went first onto the little stage and totally rocked his monologue, naturally. Then it was my turn. I walked in there and faced two bright, smiling faces: Amanda and Dan Trombley. As I started the first line of my monologue, my mind went absolutely blank. That had never happened to me before! I tried to start again but just couldn’t remember a thing. The two directors were beyond reassuring and instead had me answer questions about myself, smiling the whole time.

To my surprise, I got cast along with my brother despite my awful audition. From that moment on, I had realized that this theater was different and cared not only about talent, but also about the beauty of the person within. They gave people chances to shine their brightest.

Later on, I was introduced to the owners, Brian and Shelby, and became just as attached to them as I was with Dan and Amanda. From that day forward, I knew that Brelby would be a home for Simon and I. Since then, Simon has performed in Through the Mist and Loves Labor’s Lost. Together, he and I were casted in Little Shop of Horrors, and before that, in our personal favorite play, She Kills Monsters.

It is now 2015, and even though my family has been busy with school and other obligations these past few months, Brelby is still considered our eternal home. Us Faddouls will never truly leave our Brelby family!


11081789_839905336046936_1954347077_nThe word I chose to represent Brelby is “adoptive.” I chose this word because to me, Brelby is literally a second family to my brother and I. The very day we were cast in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, I knew we were accepted into the Brelby circle.

Unlike other theaters around the valley, Brelby makes you feel welcome the moment you step through the doors. Never are you ignored, neglected, rejected, pushed aside, or forgotten. Everyone is treated like family and lifelong friendships are created.

Both my brother Simon and I have been to the types of theaters here in Arizona where we felt like we didn’t belong. At auditions, all of the regular actors of the theater would flock together and ostracize all of the newcomers. I mean don’t get me wrong, Simon and I have made great friends at each and every theater we have ever attended, but it was never as quick and instantaneous as it was at Brelby.

I can honestly say that I have made lifelong brothers and sisters at Brelby. There isn’t a person I don’t love and cherish deeply. Each member, whether they be an actor, director, designer, manager, or techie, is special to me. These are the people I hope to keep in contact with for the rest of my life.

With the way the Brelby Theatre Company is, they will never stop adopting new family members for me to fall in love with. Such a beautiful family will continue to grow and spread their unique theater love throughout the valley forever!

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