In Good Company: Berta Cortes

In Good Company

By Berta Cortes

Now that I am a teacher I tend to separate the chapters of my life by school years. As this school year comes to a close, I would like to take a second to reflect on that and the things it has taught me. This was one of the busiest school years not only because of all the projects I did there but this was the first year I did outside theatre as well. I choose to challenge myself and wanted use my time creating art instead of being home alone, miserable. That was me last year and I never will let that happen to me again.

This school year we did 3 main stage productions, started an improv team, became a theatre troupe, we had our first Haunted House, we went to see shows outside our school, we had Kinder and first grade put on their first production and hopefully inspired students who would have never done theatre before to do it.

At the same time I worked at Brelby first as ASM for After Hours at Rosie’s Pub, played the Unicorn in The Oz Chronicles, Stage Managed Macbeth, set/prop designed for Cold War Kids, did props for Quest for Claus and Peter and the Starcatcher, Stage Managed Space Junk and now I’m working on unexpected, playing the role of Phoebe. I will also be designing the set and the props for The Pledge.

In all honesty, I might have overdone it a little bit this year and I can tell because I am a little tired. However, I am a happy tired, I am accomplish tired. Being busy is something that I needed in my life and by doing this I learned many things. Not all my projects were as successful as I wanted them to be but I think I can look back on them and say that I have learned what I need to improve on and that is very valuable. On the other hand, I did so many things I am incredibly proud of myself for. Along the way I had the opportunity to work with wonderfully talented people both at school and at Brelby. People who I will never ever forget. People who inspire me to be better at what I do. My students especially inspire me to become better at what I do and I thank them for it. In fact, all of this crazy schedule business I’ve been dealing with, is for them. To hopefully show them to use their time wisely and that there is more to life than being on our phones all the time.

Now, that being said, I do look forward to a little break before we start the next chapter (the next school year). I give it a week before I get bored and want to go back to work though. Which brings me to another thing I am learning and working on being okay with: being bored is okay! Doing nothing sometimes, is okay. In fact, sometimes it’s needed.

There is nothing wrong with staying busy but every now and then you have to stop to breathe and take care of yourself. So now, I have a lot to do before then but when that moment comes, I’m going to sleep for at least two days straight.

Until then, come see unexpected and The Pledge! And if you have kiddos, sign them up for our Summer Camps.(Yup, I’m doing that too!) Busy bee, busy bee!

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