In the Directors Chair

In the Director’s Chair: The Pledge

In the Director’s Chair — The Pledge
An interview with Brian Maticic
By Shelby Maticic

Shelby: You knew right away that you wanted to direct The Pledge. It was the show that you had the strongest reaction to when we were piecing together Season 9. Why do you think that was?
Brian: Well, there are many answers to this. The story itself was incredibly dynamic and interesting and very unique, and this piqued my interest right away. Beyond that, the playwright is one of the smartest, most creative, and most unapologetic people I’ve ever met. I knew that she would deliver something truly memorable. Then once I started to talking to her about the characters and themes and the element of misdirection (present in all magic) I was hooked. I thought it would present a unique challenge both from a directing perspective with how complex and fleshed out the characters are, as well as in figuring out all of the necessary illusions. It has been that, and so much more.

Shelby: The show presents some unique challenges. I mean…there are magic tricks that unfold onstage. How did you approach that?
Brian:  We started with so, so much youtube research. I think between the production team and myself, we’ve watched every magic video on youtube.We also got very lucky in that we cast an amateur magician as one of the leads. He was instrumental in assisting the rest of the cast with much of the sleight of hand moments.  After that, i’m fortunately a math and science teacher during the day with an eye for engineering and physics. So that went a long way in piecing together how to make the tricks work.The whole show was like a giant puzzle in that way. Trying to piece together all of these little illusions into something much larger that is just magic. There is one large scale illusion that I had to build from scratch that is only on stage briefly, but man is it cool.

Shelby: What has been your favorite part of the rehearsal process for this show?
Brian: The cast. I can’t believe how incredibly lucky we were with this cast. They are so solid. They are constantly bringing incredibly interesting choices, and they work so hard every day that they have made my job as a director on this project very easy, and downright enjoyable. Jen is so very nuanced in the lead role, and Clayton is so charming as the rising star magician. There is so much that is wonderful about the show and, but i don’t want to spoil any of the surprises, so i don’t want to go into to many specifics.

Shelby: That’s been the tricky part about promoting a show like this…not giving away the plot twists…even though they’re so good that you know it’d help sell tickets. If you could sum up why folks should come see this show without giving away spoilers…how would you sell it?
Brian: That is tricky. The show is full of magic, and some of the most nuanced and crushing acting we’ve seen on the Brelby stage. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat as it is very fast paced, full of humor, and depth, and just like the illusions presented on stage, in this show, nothing is as it seems. This is one of those shows that will stick with you, haunt you, long after you leave the theatre.
Shelby: I can’t wait. I hope everyone comes down to the Playhouse this summer to experience it.

Tickets for The Pledge are on sale now.
June 16-17, 23-24, 30, July 1 @ 7:30PM
June 18, 25 @ 2PM

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