Legends: Meet the Sun God’s Coin Cast

sungodscoinLegends: Meet the Sun God’s Coin Cast

By Megan O’Connor

Brelby Theatre Company is proud to present The Sun God’s Coin next performing this weekend on October 7th at 5 PM and October 8th at 2 PM and next weekend on October 14th at 5 PM in the courtyard of the new Brelby Playhouse! The Brelby Buzz sat down with some of the cast and crew to find out their experience working on an original script. Afterall, Brelby is the West Valley’s New Works Incubator! Read their thoughts below and plan to see this incredible piece of theatre for young audiences all about friendship, the environment, and seeing magic in everything.

Brelby Buzz: Congratulations on a successful opening of the show! Since you’re getting ready for your next series of performances, we were wondering what’s it been like working on an original script? Is this your first time bringing to life a new work?

Clayton Sullivan,  Kunak, Guard, Condor 1: This isn’t the first time I’ve worked on an original script. That being said the most rewarding part of being able to work on an original script is that we literally get a chance to bring the script to life and watching this show turn from being on paper to becoming a living, breathing show of its own is an amazing feeling.

Christina Maxwell, Hastu: The Sun God’s Coin is not my first new works project, nor will it be my last. I love having the opportunities to bring original new works to life! It is the same as giving an artist a fresh canvas to paint on. No one can compare your work with others. You get to set the high standards for the show. You get to influence future productions with your creativity.

Sarah Ayers, Sonia and Sitsi: I loved working on an original script. While we didn’t have as much creative liberty with the speech per say, we had so much more contact with the playwright, and included her in the process as well. I loved that this was my first original show that I’ve brought to life.

Brandon Sanchez, Guard 2, Condor 2, Sun God: This is my second time working on a new work, I just wrapped up working on The Oz Chronicles over the summer and jumped right into working on this show. Working in new works is fun as there are no preset views of the characters and allows more freedom to create.

Mary Elizabeth Gilbertson, Tamaya: Working on an original script is interesting because there are things that you are figuring out without another production to look at. No one else has done this and everything will be totally original. This would be my second original production, the first being The Oz Chronicles.

Melody Knudson, Costume Design: It’s such a privilege to work on this script.  The author, Melissa Kamel, is just an insanely talented artist.  She’s an actress, singer, writer, costumer and a gazillion other things.  When Brelby announced The Sun God’s Coin as part of the season I was immediately drawn to it because A)Melissa wrote it and B)it’s set in Peru and I’m a total culture nerd.  I have worked on several new works projects in various capacities and it’s always an exciting process.  When I read this script for this play, I felt like it was an important story for many reasons and I wanted to be part of bringing it to life.

DJ Hall, Prince Sumaq: I love working with new scripts, especially if the playwright is involved in the process because we can help the playwright see it on its feet and get it ready for other theaters to want to do this show. My first new work was The Princess and the Pirate, a wonderful show I performed 2 years ago!

Sierra James, Usco: It’s pretty special actually, I’ve only done little segments of originals as far as plays go, and so having a full on cast with dancing, stage fighting and all that jazz just make everything shine bright.

Lisa Cleaveland, Grandma: I stage managed two one-acts which were actually written by my husband. I enjoy bringing to life things that the writer can come and experience themselves, because their facial expressions as they watch the different choices that the actors make is delightful.

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