Life After Death: Meet the Higher Spirits of Ghost the Musical (Part II)

ghostLife After Death: Meet the Higher Spirits of Ghost the Musical

By Megan O’Connor


allisonAllison Bauer, Ensemble and Hair/Makeup Design

Brelby Buzz: Allison! You’re a Brelby Company Member and getting things done, but we want to know more!!

AB: I’m 24 and I’m a Capricorn! This is my 7th (including Miscast) show here at Brelby. I am also the executive assistant to our wonderful Brian Maticic.

BB: What’s been your favorite part of rehearsal so far?

AB: Listening to everyone else sing really beautifully. Every time we sing ‘Are You a Believer?’ Or ‘You Gotta Let Go’ I’m like “dang, this sounds wonderful.” In all seriousness, learning the musical has been amazing. Also getting to know everyone has been really great. We’ve got a great cast of characters both on and off the stage.

BB: What theme of the show do you connect with most?

AB: Probably the idea of closure. Or love conquering all in the face of death. I think they are both really powerful themes… but especially closure. I really like themes that are sometimes difficult to swallow but still hold a high significance to the stages of life.

BB: If you could choose, how would you spend your last day?

AB: At Disneyland with my family or seeing every possible Broadway show possible or stalking Sutton Foster. She can’t arrest me……cause I’d be dead. (Ha ha ha. Classic comedy)

BB: What’s your favorite song to sing at karaoke?

AB: I’m not a hugggggggge fan of karaoke (mainly because it scares the poop outta me) but I’ve always wanted to sing Gravity by Sara Bareilles or Harden My Heart by Quarterflash or anything in the music book sung by Sutton Foster. Yes, I will be that girl.

angelaAngela Kriese, Ensemble

Brelby Buzz: This is your first ever show with Brelby AND we didn’t get you in the rehearsal process until you were back from your Summer job! Tell us more about yourself!

Name: Angela Kriese
Age: 29
Sign: Gemini
First Brelby Show
Ghost Persona: 50s housewife who is suffering the inner turmoil of a husband who has cheated on her, and an abortion she was forced to have.

BB: That’s intense. So what’s been your favorite part of the rehearsal process so far?

AK: I’m always so intrigued by everyone’s process that they go through to develop and to find their character. As we get closer to opening, we begin to find new meaning in the words and find the truth and believability in the script. It’s amazing to watch everyone to go through this process.

BB: Definitely! This show has some big themes–which do you connect to?

AK: Love. The undying love that Sam and Molly have for each other is what everyone hopes they can find some day.

BB: So if you knew it would be your last day, what would you do? How would you want to spend it?

AK: I would rent out Disneyland for just my family and closest friends and eat every single thing that contains gluten (as I am allergic).

BB: Nice! All right, finally: what’s your go to karaoke jam?

AK: Make you feel my love. Hands down. I love love.

maryMary Plante, Ensemble

Brelby Buzz: This is also your first Brelby show with us Mary and we’re so glad to have you! Tell us a bit about yourself and your character in Ghost!

MP: I’m 31 and an Aquarius. My ghost persona is Fanny Ravenscroft. The dashing cad Lord Ravenscroft married Fanny for her money. He and his lover poisoned her shortly after, and made it look like a suicide. She sticks around because she can’t stand the shame, looking for a way to tell the true story of her death.

BB: Wow. New York is full of a lot of different kinds of ghosts. Being a Brelby newbie, what have you enjoyed about rehearsing this show so far?

MP: I enjoy every scene with Oda Mae. The character and the actress are hilarious.

BB: Oda Mae is a great character and you compliment each other really well in your scene. What themes stand out to you?

MP: Molly’s songs about the various stages of grief speak to me. She sings about how time stops, and then one day, when you’re not expecting it, the sun comes up again and you realize life has moved on and you can too. Beautiful and true.

BB: Definitely bring your tissues for this one! So if you were aware that this was your last day, how would you spend it?

MP: I would probably spend my last day eating and talking with my friends, with a Netflix marathon playing in the background.

BB: And the most important question of all: what is your favorite song to sing at karaoke?

MP: My favorite karaoke song is “Faith” by George Michaels.

monbwMonica Hernandez Bollt, Ensemble

Brelby Buzz: Audiences will remember you Monica, from your amazing debut show with Brelby in the Miscast Concert where you sang the absolutely amazing and heartbreaking “I’ll Be Here” from the show Ordinary Days as well as taking part in the gender bent boy band. Tell us more about yourself now that you’re debuting in your first MainStage Show at Brelby!

-30 (but I’ll be 31 by the time Ghost opens!)
-This is my first full production with Brelby, but I was in the Miscast Concert earlier this year.
-My ghost persona is from the 1960s and named Ginger.

BB: I’m sure this rehearsal process is very different compared to that of the Miscast Concerts. What’s been your favorite part so far?

MHB: I’ve loved working with such a talented cast and seeing the show come together.

BB: Always exciting to see the pieces finally fit together! Of the many themes present in this show, which do you connect with the most?

MHB: I think a theme that isn’t discussed too often is the friendship between Oda Mae and Sam. I find it incredibly endearing and really special.

BB: That’s a great one! Friendship is really important! If you knew when your last day was going to be, how would you want to spend it?

MHB: Oy, this is a hard one. I would want to spend it with my husband Alex, our puppy Mabel, and my closest friends and family, and have a really great game night and just enjoy being together.

BB: Game night is the best! It would be tough, but that sounds like the perfect last day! So, you spend all this time singing in a musical, what’s your go to at karaoke?

MHB: Well, my old standby is ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ by Pat Benatar, but I also love singing ‘Alone’ by Heart.

Our thanks to some of the ensemble from Ghost the Musical for letting us get to know them a bit and helping us get excited about the emotional rollercoaster that will be this show! Tickets are available now! Get them early, or you’ll be waiting for a miracle.

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