Little Women…from a Man’s Perspective


Hey gang, Rob here.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining the amazingly talented cast of Brelby’s Little Women. And Brelby asked me to write on the “male perspective” since, if you couldn’t tell from the name; this is a female driven show.

Personally, I have not had much experience in the past with the story of Little Women. Also, the story doesn’t include the words “Spider-Man” or “Hulk” in the title, so it wasn’t anything I would seek out on my own when I was younger. More recently, coming from a musical theatre background, I of course had heard the wonderful music in the show before, but had never really dived into the meat of the story. But the music is what really drove me to audition for this show.

But then came the trolls.

SPOILER ALERT: This musical has trolls.


This musical also has sword fights and knights and monks. Why didn’t anyone tell little Rob there were trolls, swordfights and knights? That would have been more than enough for me to give this story a chance as a child. Obviously, the story is so much more than that, as I have discovered throughout the rehearsal process. This impressive cast of actors was able to deliver a completely unexpected adventure. Little Women turned out to be a surprisingly funny, touching story about four sisters, all dealing with personal struggles, things like gaining independence, finding your way in the world, and learning the importance of family, things that I, and plenty of other people, should very easily be able to relate to.

After that first day, from that first table read, I have been happy with my decision to audition for this show. The story, the cast, the music, all of it was so unexpected, and I cannot wait for the final product. I know there will be guys out there just like me, who may have been turned off by this story as young children, maybe because it’s a drama, maybe because it’s a show about girls. But I hope that, like me, after the show there will be more people who will be surprised with what they just witnessed, and that they will walk away with their preconceived notions completely shattered. Mine definitely were.  I hope they will go home, and tell their friends and family all about the show and how they just weren’t expecting it.

They just weren’t expecting the trolls.


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