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Bros Before Dough: An Interview With Trent and Owen

Brelby’s Season 8 is getting ready to begin and kicking down the door is Windfall written by Brelby Executive Director, Brian Maticic and helmed by an incredible cast and crew comprised of Brelby favorites and new talented faces. We’re going to be giving you some sneak peeks into this World Premiere show throughout the weeks leading up to Opening Night, and up first are Company Members Devon Mahon and David Magadan who sat down with the Brelby Buzz to give us the dirt on their characters and just enough about the world of Windfall to get us super excited for the first show of the season.

Brelby Buzz: What character do you portray in Windfall? Are there any significant similarities or differences you notice between you and your character.

owencharactershot TrentCharacterShotDevon Mahon: I play Trent and though I would say Trent and I have many similarities we are definitely not one in the same. I’ve definitely pulled a lot from myself into some of the squirreliness of Trent, but I’d like to think that I’m actually more like David’s character, Owen. Trent and I do share an obsession for lotto tickets (though I prefer scratchers), I’m also pretty dramatic…so there’s that too. And much like Trent, I can’t cook without a microwave. Also financially I grew up like Trent; I wasn’t forced into starting a job early or anything, my parents took care of me financially and it wasn’t until this past year that I’ve had to start paying bills and such which has been a necessary, but tough, transition.

David Magadan: I am playing Owen. I think that Owen and I share a few things like a sense of responsibility and coming from a family that wasn’t as well off so I’ve had to work a little harder for the things that I’ve wanted. He does have more patience than I do when it comes to certain things, like Trent not pulling his weight for years. We both can also cook without the microwave. There are some parts of Trent I can relate to, like his fun but impulsive tendencies.

BB: Talk about your favorite part of the rehearsal process so far.

Devon: As actors it’s part of our jobs to make new and exciting choices during the rehearsal process. Throw in the fact that the entire cast of Windfall is on Brelby’s Improv Troupe, Result May Vary, and you’ve got yourself a party. I’m an indecisive person who has a hard time with favorites (and short responses) so here’s a few other bits I enjoy: I love getting to work with David, he’s a great actor to partner with and is a lot of fun. Then there’s working with Fernando as a Director –it’s great! We have a lot of freedom and he allows us to make bold choices. And as I mentioned, everyone is on the Improv Troupe so I’ve collaborated with them before, but I’m especially excited to work with Chelsea Jauregui on her first Brelby show outside of RMV!

David: My favorite part of the rehearsal process is definitely playing and trying new things. There really hasn’t been a moment through this process where I have not been able to do that. Fernando and the rest of the cast are very open to trying new things and bring tons of their own choices to the table. Devon and Shelby have always been great scene partners to have so it has been really fun going through this with them, but it has also been great having Megan and Chelsea to work with as well. Mat is always one of my favorite people to work with and his character is so ridiculous that I have to try and force myself not to break out in laughter constantly.

BB: Discuss the challenges you are faced with from the first read through and now to the rehearsal room when bringing a world premiere to life on the stage.

Devon: I guess the one challenge I’ve seen is that you never know what will be added and what will be scrapped. One minute you’ve read the script and you’re like “Ok, great, this looks good,” and then the next the playwright is messaging you on Facebook saying “What are your thoughts on ________? Would you be comfortable with that?” But to be honest, I think that’s awesome. It’s the unknown! It’s spontaneous! It’s exactly what I signed up for. Other than that, world premieres are great because there are no preconceived notions from audience members. We are the first to bring these characters to life. Maybe marketing is another challenge since it’s a new piece no one’s heard of yet…but hey audiences, it’s a new piece! See something new!

David: Honestly, this has been an incredibly smooth process. The characters are well drawn out in the script and the cast is bolstered by what others have called “The Brelby A Team.” I think the only challenge is that the script is so incredibly good that it’s up to us to do it every justice, especially because this is the first time people are going to be seeing this story.

BB: A windfall is defined as “an unexpected, unearned, or sudden gain or advantage” in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Discuss the implications of a windfall and how you see it relating to your character and the complications that may come from such a stroke of luck.

Devon: For Trent, every option in that definition is befitting to his situation. It is a very unexpected surprise to him, he really hasn’t done anything to deserve winning the lottery (did he even purchase those lotto tickets with his own money???), and in his mind it is a sudden gain or advantage (but money can do strange things to people).

David: Owen never really expected to come into any kind of easy money, but he also never expected what he would have to trade to get it.

BB: Well that’s quite the cliffhanger. Why do you think Trent and Owen are friends as long as they have been? Let’s also talk about Olivia and how she fits into all of this because she is a big part of their lives.

Devon: Trent and Owen have been best friends since high school. Owen is responsible, reliable, goal driven and always willing to help a friend. He’s fun, but not wild (he won’t be on the tabletop at a bar singing karaoke whilst sober). Trent IS wild fun. He is spontaneous, he’s out-there, he’ll go along for the adventure, and he does the little things that everyone loves so much (picks up your favorite beer, watches Youtube videos to learn how to fold you a paper flower, etc). Trent and Owen mesh really well together, and for a really long time I think it was a healthy relationship. They balanced each other out, and they were there for each other. I just think that Trent became too dependent on Owen. He was one of Owen’s biggest supporters and in a different way, Owen was Trent’s biggest supporter. Add Olivia to this mix and you have the best traits of both best friends – she’s intelligent, driven, she’s fun, a huge support to both, she’s honest. Olivia has a love for Trent and Owen and is by their side through the madness.

David: Opposites attract, and balance is very important when it comes to many kinds of relationships. These two have gone through the transition from basically kids to adults together, and the more you go through with a person, the closer you tend to be. I think the two compliment each other really well, Trent makes sure Owen isn’t consumed by the monotonous grind and Owen makes sure Trent can actually eat. They sound silly in comparison but both of those things have equal importance to the kind of people they are. Olivia is an interesting character because she values the traits of both friends, Trent for his fun loving nature in her stressful grad school engrossed life and Owen for his drive and his want to take care of the people around him. She’s been with the two of them through all their transitions in life so all 3 characters have a bond that can only be forged by time and they tend to balance each other out.

BB: Describe the best broship of Trent and Owen and how their differences work to their advantage or disadvantage when a windfall is upon them.

Devon: Trent is more spontaneous and quick to spend whereas Owen takes his time and looks at the bigger picture. Trent sees a windfall and dances around a room screaming, and Owen sees a windfall and quietly focuses on how game changing it is.

David: Owen is very realistic while Trent is more of the dreamer. Trent is quick to act and Owen will weigh his options for as long as he can in order to make the right decision. They both see the money as a way to start a new life but in different contexts. Trent wants to leave the country while Owen views it as his opportunity to build his dream.

BB: Describe to the best of your ability the plot of Windfall in 140 characters or less. Basically, give us a tweet describing this show.

Devon:Trent has it all and nothing at all. #WhatDidIDoToDeserveThis?!

(I’m freaking out at how short that response was…)

David: #bros #Debt #Death #zombie #headshot #cahoots

BB: Those are perfect! Everyone knows exactly what to expect from the show now and isn’t that the point of social media afterall? Windfall opens Brelby’s Season 8 on January 22. The show runs through February 13th, but don’t wait to get your tickets, you may not be as lucky as you think.

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