Meet the “Angel’s Alley” cast: Lacey Duffin



Set in 1942, this script–a loving pastiche of the B genre plays and films of the 1930s and 40s–follows Nick Callahan, his best friend, Johnny Moreno, and the events that first challenge and then strengthen their friendship.



Meet LACEY DUFFIN playing the role of IVY CALLAHAN


1) What is your favorite thing about the show?

I LOVE all of the action and physicality in this show.

2) What is your favorite thing about your character?

I love how feisty Ivy is. It’s fun to play the spitfire.

3) Which character do you relate the most to in this show?

Ivy of course! It also helps that I have two older brothers just like her.

4) What is your favorite film noir?

Who can choose just one?

5) What is your favorite line from the show?

“You two quit clickin your teeth together” -Nicky


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