Meet the New Brelby Interns!

Meet Bradley & Emily, Brelby Theatre Company’s new interns. They sat down with us to answer some questions. Check out these two up and comers!

How did you get involved with Brelby?

Bradley: I saw an audition posting for it on durantcom, and felt God leading me to audition.

Emily: I knew of Brian and Shelby while in college at NAU. I looked forward to working with them someday, especially after seeing some of their productions, and eventually responded to an audition posting for A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

What areas/elements of the theatre are your favorite?

Bradley: I am an actor at heart. The best thing for me is delving into a character. Finding the nuances, their backgrounds, things like that.

Emily: I love taking part in every element of theatre from literary to set construction, but my joy certainly comes from acting.

How long have you been acting/working in the world of theatre?

Bradley: I’ve been acting since I was 9.

Emily: In a sense, for as long as I can remember, but officially, when I was 9.

Do you have a favorite theatre memory?

Bradley: There was a production where during a show I tripped and impaled my leg on a wire Christmas tree. I didn’t feel any pain, but I bled profusely. It’s a pretty epic battle scar.

Emily: ..gotta think on that one.

What do you love about Brelby?

Bradley: Brelby is a safe place to do Theatre. It takes you out of the generally hostile environment and focuses on the art. I love that; it’s the reason I started acting in the first place.

Emily: Brelby is real. They are true to the core and are committed to creating beautiful art.

What would be your dream show for Brelby to produce and why?

Bradley: I would love for Brelby to produce one of my own shows. I am really excited for some of the concepts that I have; the trick is actually writing it.

Emily: I really enjoy seeing new works taking off at Brelby. I’m looking forward to more plays and musicals that have yet to be produced, getting their start here. As for a classic, perhaps ‘The Glass Menagerie’ would be interesting.

Which area of theatre are you eager to try (that you haven’t been involved with before)?

Bradley: I want to try stage combat choreography at some point. I always enjoy stage fights!

Emily: Aside from some class work in college, I haven’t really ever directed. I think that would be a fun challenge to dive into!

What is currently your favorite play?

Bradley: I would say my favorite is Noises Off. I have a great love for Ensemble plays, and the comedy is so tight and priceless.

Emily: One of my favorites is ‘Into the Woods’. It is quite complex psychologically, has a great balance of emotions and is relatable to anyone.

Which production in Brelby’s 2014 season are you most excited about?

Bradley: As a loud and proud nerd, I am so freaking excited for ‘She Kills Monsters’.  And as a Jamie Maletz fan, I’m excited for ‘Oh the Humanity”.

Emily: ‘Be A Good Little Widow’ is going to be a very raw, honest and thought provoking play. Along with that, I am excited to see what ‘She Kills Monsters’ delivers to the Brelby stage.

What made you want to intern with Brelby and why should others join the team?

Bradley: I want to see Brelby grow. It has so much potential; it could be as big as any professional theatre in the valley. It is worth the work, but the work needs to be done.

Emily: I love being part of the creative process, and Brelby is one of the best places to do it. They’re going to be big, and I want to help them get there.DSC_0024

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