My Brelby Moment: Clayton Caufman

It’s that time of year again!! That time when we give the blog over to our immensely talented artists and let them share their thoughts about art, life and more. The November Blogathon has become a Brelby tradition here at the Brelby Buzz, and this year we’re wrapping up Season Nine with our favorite Brelby Moments. For the next 30 days, our artists will discuss their favorite Brelby Moments from Season Nine and how that has impacted them and the way they approach their art.

Brelby Theatre Company Member and Results May Vary Director, Clayton Caufman takes us through his favorite memories of Season Nine and why they’re so important to him.

My Brelby Moment

By Clayton Caufman

When I think of great moments at Brelby this season many things come to my mind. The first thing that I think of is the Night of Shorts. This collection of shorts was my first time directing for Brelby and I loved every minute of it. The last time I had directed was in High School and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed being at the helm of a production. It was such a great experience that was both challenging and rewarding.

The next thing that comes to my mind is our production of Peter and the Starcatcher. I had such a blast being part of that show. That show helped me so much as an actor, it pushed me to make strong character choices and since everyone played multiple characters many choices need to be made. I fell like this show impacted audiences in such a strong way and I am so humbled to have been a part of it.

The final thing I will mention is The Plegde. This show holds a special place in my heart. It combined two of my favorite things, theatre and magic. I was outside of my comfort zone as an actor for this show. I am usually cast as comedic relief but the role of David was far from that. This show let me test my dramatic chops which is something I rarely get to do.

Looking back on this season there were too many great moments to count. I can’t wait for all the amazing things next season!

Us too!!! Thanks Clayton for reminding us of all the magic this past season! Check back tomorrow for more blogathon memories!

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