My Brelby Moment: Devon Mahon

It’s that time of year again!! That time when we give the blog over to our immensely talented artists and let them share their thoughts about art, life and more. The November Blogathon has become a Brelby tradition here at the Brelby Buzz, and this year we’re wrapping up Season Nine with our favorite Brelby Moments. For the next 30 days, our artists will discuss their favorite Brelby Moments from Season Nine and how that has impacted them and the way they approach their art.

Brelby Theatre Company Member, Devon Mahon discusses his favorite Brelby Moment as only he can.

My Brelby Moment

By Devon Mahon

The easy answer to what great moment happened at Brelby Theatre this season for me is that my first ever full length play, Whisper Sweetly, was produced. But a different approach to a moment that changed the way I think about art was a particular flub that happened. Live theatre is great and memorable because no matter what incidents may occur, the show must go on to the best of your ability – which I think is beautiful. My favorite little flub was during The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, a show which requires audience participation and improv – the show is very different each night, but includes plot points that must always happen. My character controlled the order and flow of the show and one night I skipped a huge plot point and advanced us to a different plot in the show. Mid-musical number Monica Bollt (the BEST scene partner) and I had a conversation through the sides of our mouths while singing, jazz hands-ing, and swaying in creepy chairs. It’s a moment I look back at and can’t help but laugh at the situation, but I also think it’s so cool how we were able to on the fly communicate and circle back to that other plot point. I’m sure this was complicated to follow, but ask myself or Monica about the story and we’ll act it out… Karson can act out his perspective as well. Ah theatre, we have fun.


Such fun! Thanks Devon for always entertaining us! The November Blogathon continues tomorrow!

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