My Brelby Moment: Kinsey Peotter

It’s that time of year again!! That time when we give the blog over to our immensely talented artists and let them share their thoughts about art, life and more. The November Blogathon has become a Brelby tradition here at the Brelby Buzz, and this year we’re wrapping up Season Nine with our favorite Brelby Moments. For the next 30 days, our artists will discuss their favorite Brelby Moments from Season Nine and how that has impacted them and the way they approach their art.

Today’s entry is from Kinsey Peotter, who made us all feel So. Many. Feelings as Rose in the Arizona Premiere of Dogfight.

My Brelby Moment

Kinsey Peotter

I was lucky enough to get to play a dream role at one of the most welcoming theaters I’ve had the pleasure to work in. I remembered feeling nervous and excited going to the first read through because I had no idea what to expect but I was so excited to get to tackle this role. At the read through I felt so comfortable and I knew that Brelby had created something special. That whole rehearsal process I was never afraid to just do what I thought was natural for the character, or make new choices because I didn’t feel judged or pressured to be “something”.

Brelby has created a completely unique experience in which the show is about more than the director or the script or the actor. It’s a true collaboration between all parties. They are doing wonderful new works as well as AZ premiers and doing it in a way that truly creates a team. I watched directors supporting costumers, makeup artists build set, actors do lighting and everyone work together in different ways to achieve a very successful result. It made me realize that art truly is a collaboration with people who inspire you. I loved getting to be a part of Dogfight and I hope I can work with these remarkable people again. I made so many new friends and felt a bond of community across all parties. There are not many theaters that strive to not only make good theatre but to build community within that and support each other any way they can. It is a unique formula that will continue to thrive and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.

We’re glad you got to be a part of it, too, Kinsey! More blogs to come, so make sure you check in again tomorrow!

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