My Brelby Moment: Willa Eigo

It’s that time of year again!! That time when we give the blog over to our immensely talented artists and let them share their thoughts about art, life and more. The November Blogathon has become a Brelby tradition here at the Brelby Buzz, and this year we’re wrapping up Season Nine with our favorite Brelby Moments. For the next 30 days, our artists will discuss their favorite Brelby Moments from Season Nine and how that has impacted them and the way they approach their art.

Brelby Theatre Collaborative Artist, Willa Eigo, seen this season on our stage in The Pledge, discusses her favorite moments and how important it is to have a strong support system.

My Brelby Moment

By Willa Eigo

There have been so many moments for me both on and offstage at Brelby that have made me rethink what it means to be an artist. There’s moments like stage managing The 4th Annual Miscast Concert, or getting to act alongside Alex Tuchi in The Pledge, or watching Shelby drop Alex in the middle of Peter and the Starcatcher. And then there’s my favorite one.

My all-time favorite Brelby moment from this past season was getting to watch The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. I had never seen it before and hadn’t even listened to the music from the show, so I really had no idea what to expect. By the end of their run, I think I had seen it at least 3 times!

I loved that show for a couple of reasons, one of them being the song “Pandemonium” because of how fun it was. Having been in college for theatre for almost four years, and having done it and studied it for years before that, I think I often forget that theatre can and should be fun. It’s a lot of work, but it should also offer joy and excitement and craziness, which is what that song embodied. Every time I watched it, I watched new people and new moments, and more than that, I watched the cast have so much fun playing with each other. It was a little bit of pure joy that I just loved.

As cheesy as this might sound, the main reason I loved Putnam was that my sister, Thea, played Marcy Park, the overachieving girl. When Thea first got cast, I remember she was nervous having never worked at Brelby and being the youngest in the cast. It was so nice to hear from everyone else in the room (and from her!) how much the entire cast got along and how great Thea was to work with. By the time they opened, I was floored by how well Thea held her own against everyone else. I was so beyond proud of her in a way that I hadn’t been in other shows. It was the first time for me that I got to watch Thea as the funny, seasoned, triple-threat that she is, rather than watch my little sister. And I think I give a lot of that credit to the team on Putnam for putting together a piece that allowed her the space to grow and the support to make bold choices and do the work, which is not something that we as artists always get.

Thank you for sharing these amazing moments with us Willa! We love seeing the impact these shows have had on our artists and are inspired to support each other for the rest of this season and into Season Ten! The November Blogathon continues tomorrow!

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