My Brelby Story: Carolyn McBurney


Good Little Widow-6

My Brelby connection started 2 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long…) when I auditioned for The Importance of Being Earnest– a play I had done in college and an all-time fave.  Well, college was many moons ago and now here I was- auditioning to play the mother of the role I had back then. I got the role of Lady Bracknell- one of those roles that actresses give their eye teeth to play- and I was in!–only I was scared to death.  I had been away from acting for so long, having only one other role in  twenty years and I was in this wonderful little black box with this amazingly talented cast and an extremely short (I thought) rehearsal period.  I was both terrified and elated.  But Brian, Shelby and the entire cast were extremely generous and supportive.. and I did it!  WE did it. And this beautiful STEAMPUNK version of this Oscar Wilde masterpiece took flight.

carolynblog1Since then, I’ve pretty much been the resident “Mom”, helping with costumes, directing a lovely original work, Prodigy and Mamet’s zany little comedy Revenge of the Space Pandas.


And I have gotten other chances to perform again, a highlight being the role of Hope in Be a Good Little Widow, which not enough people got to see. It was an amazing script with a lovely team of Melody, Jesse, Mat and a supportive crew working in tandem to put some very raw emotions out there on stage every night. MAGIC.

I’ve got my groove back and I have Brian and Shelby and those special folks that are Brelby to thank for it.  This inspiring young couple has a dream and are willing to do whatever it takes to bring a professional theatre experience to the West Valley.  Their passion is infectious.  They love what they are doing and that share that love with the artists.  THEY GET IT.  Theatre is the most collaborative of the performing arts and to be effective it takes everyone giving support, coaxing the best out of one another and sharing in the highs and lows.

If you are reading this, you have probably had a Brelby experience.  If you have not- make sure you do and bring someone new into the fold- whether it is an audience member, a crew person, an aspiring writer or a new (or old) actor- There’s a warm, nurturing place for you in this loving, scrappy and wickedly talented family that I am proud to call mine.



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