My Brelby Story: Jaren Navenma




jarenblog2Hello there! Yes, you reading this! I’m Jaren. A partial parent, wandering worker, and current Company Member here are the Brelby Theatre Co. I’m no Megan, so bare with my lack of blogging experience.


I have been working with this theatre for exactly a year now, Happy Anniversary, and let me tell you 2013 Jaren is no 2014 Jaren. I have Brelby to thank for that. Alright backstory. I found Brelby through a high school friend who was in Godspell. Signed up for an audition in July. Missed audition due to jet lag from previous night. Felt like a loser. Signed up for another one. MADE IT and just like what you would expect I was shy and nervous, so shy in fact Brian had me repeat my introduction so he could hear me. Got a callback. Waited for a few days doubting myself, but lo and behold I got an email for a role offering. MEDIC! On my eighth production since then, I have put more experience under my belt in a year than I would have ever imagined.



Now let me tell you why this place is so darned special to lil ol’ me. Hardwork. Dedication. Family. I am Native American of two tribes, Hopi and Tuscarora, but I grew up a majority of my life here in Arizona with my Hopi family. As Hopi I grew up with these three things prevalent in my life. We work and persist to provide and care for the people we love. To achieve the goals we have in life. We work with good hearts, good hearts,and good attitudes. We do these things not just for our own benefit, not just our families, but for everyone. Like a ripple effect. Everyday I walk into the studio I am reminded of the parallels between Brelby and the Hopi lifestyle. Always busy and on the go. Here they do it to, as the mantra goes, to Create, Imagine, and Inspire.


Needless to say, this place is my home. And let me tell you, if you can’t be travel to a world of Space Pandas, fight D&D Monsters, or sing with strange plants in your home, it’s time to move to a different place. I look forward to seeing what else I’ll be doing at home.



To those who first meet me I am quiet, meek, and off-putting, but anyone here can tell you that’s not always the case. From “tremendous” acrobatics to fight choreography to bench breaking I can be a handful. It’s definitely useful when you have a five year old, who will also frequent the theatre with me every so often. These people have helped give me a voice and provided me comfort to do such zany things. A hard thing to do.


That’s Brelby for you, though. We a place of growth and understanding. We want to teach and inspire people to create art. Coming from a childhood of rejection and misunderstanding I hold value in the generosity I have received here in this space. I have endless amounts of respect and love for Brian and Shelby who have been more than willing to lend an ear and give support. They are genuine people who have put work and care into this beautiful place and the love I have for everyone here goes beyond friendship. I can count on these people. We are community unlike any other. We are a safe environment to learn in. We are force to be reckoned with. Most importantly, We Are Family.

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