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Hello to anyone kind enough taking the time to read this!

(Let me begin by saying…I am not a writer or blogger or English-er. Texting is the extent of my “journalism”, so be warned.)

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My name is Melody Chrispen. I am a loud and proud company member here at the amazing Brelby Theatre Company!

Like most new artists at this quirky little theatre, I started out as a very quiet and subdued person ready to dress to impress. After seeing Twelfth Night, I knew that there was something truly special about this place. When you discover something unique, there is a very specific energy. I had come to support a friend who was in the show and never introduced myself to anyone else there. Dumb mistake. Oh well.

Despite hearing great things about this little place, I never made my way back there. I was in college and was determined that I needed to find my place there before branching out. Unfortunately, no one gave me the time of day. I felt rejected, unloved, and unwelcomed. I began to slip back into my high school depression that I had worked so hard to overcome. How could everyone else – whom I was working just as hard as – be so successful and welcomed while I was just cast aside? Finally, a friend told me that Brelby was in need of singers for their upcoming production of Godspell. I had missed the auditions, but could just show up for callbacks. Unfortunately, I had a cue to cue for a second series show that day. I couldn’t blow off something this important. Oh. But I did. I left a tech rehearsal to go to this theatre I knew nothing about with nothing prepared just hoping to have a fun time. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. From the moment I walked through that squeaky door, I felt a sense of renewal and peace. I was not expecting anything. I had given up expecting anything at that point. But I still hoped. After a week had passed, I figured that I would never hear from them again. Lucky me, my email has been mistranslated. Shelby, in her gloriousness, took the time to find me on Facebook and re-send me a casting offer with a solo. I cried. So. Much. After all this time, someone, anyone, was willing to take a chance on me. Nothing in this world will ever be more precious to me than that moment.

934658_10151499436349145_1121403039_n999717_10151660346289145_428302798_nThe first day of rehearsal for “Godspell”, I knew I had found home. A home for my talents. A home for my quirks. A home for me to grow. And a home where I would be loved NO MATTER WHAT. Nothing, nothing has lived up to that moment to this day. No matter how unusual I was, it didn’t matter. And that’s what Brelby is truly about. Come as you are. We will love you deeply, passionately, and with our whole selves. I am crying just writing this. There is so much passion in this family. Brian and Shelby have created magic. I only hope that I can continue to be a small part of the inspiration that touches so many peoples’ lives.

I hope my story encourages you, my reader, to never give up.



Worth It.

Let Brelby always be that reminder to live, laugh, and love. In your life, I hope you can imagine, create, and inspire. God bless.

– Melody Chrispen


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