My Brelby Word: Community, Value & Nirvana

My Brelby Word
For the rest of November, every day, the Brelby Buzz will be bringing you the second installment of the November Blogathon. Thirty days, thirty original posts from Brelby’s Company Members and collaborative artists of Season 8. Each post will revolve around a word that artist considers to be integral to what art and Brelby means to them.

Today’s entry features entries from three of our Advisory Board Members

By Anjali Kissell

12271511_10105642925498961_65204438_oMy Brelby word is community.

Brelby is a gathering of people and we’re united by a common interest to create, imagine and inspire.  We motivate each other to do more and better, to excel at the Brelby space and in life, and to constantly challenge ourselves. In this community, there isn’t such a thing as impossible. We just have things we know how to do and things we still need to figure out.  

It’s my pleasure to be a Board Member at the Brelby Theatre Company. It challenges me to grow outside my comfort zone as an attorney and patriot of the arts. I didn’t start out thinking that one day I’d have a skill set and knowledge base to help my friends nurture something so organic and beautiful. But somehow, I have this amazing opportunity to develop this company from a side the actors and patrons don’t see. It’s humbling to support the community that Brian and Shelby have built around Brelby and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
In addition to my duties on the board, I’m also a longtime part of the Brelby community as a volunteer and patron. I’ve had the pleasure of watching young and old artists come and go, and often return again. They develop new skills and the confidence to try something new. They have the chance and the courage to create something different and find something in themselves that surpasses even the hopes they didn’t dare share. And with every artist’s courageous steps to new successes, our entire community grows the better for it. It’s more than art, it’s our lifestyle.


By Joe Simon

valueBrelby is many things, but none may be more important than the value it represents. A ticket to one of our shows is highly competitive, both in price and quality, with anything you will find elsewhere. But there’s more. Brelby offers an insane deal called ShowGo. For $10 a month…half the face value of a main stage show, or equal to one improv show…you can go to as many Brelby shows as you want. Not just once, but as often as you like.

But that only scratches the surface. Brelby is a great value for audiences because of the quality and variety of the shows, from Shakespeare to Neil Simon to  musicals to Arizona and world premieres. Many of them were written by Brelby people.  And if we aren’t your friends now, we will be if you come to our shows.  Or better yet, audition!

It is also valuable to the Brelby people. We have the opportunity to hone our craft in classes and shows, learn improv, write plays, direct, and take other crew positions. I have learned a lot and I know others have too.

Even that is minor. Brelby offers something the world needs more of, something that transcends theater. Brian and Shelby Maticic genuinely care about their people. They have gone far above and beyond the call of duty when it cones to helping them and caring for them.  They’ve created a true community where people of very different ages, experience, background, religion, politics, etc can not only work together but form strong friendships. And yes, occasionally, love.

I have been with Brelby for over two years, through four plays and as a director of their improv troupe, Results May Vary. Recently, I joined the Advisory Board. I’ve learned a lot about future plans. 2016 looks to be the best year yet, but always their first thoughts are, how can we do more for the actors and crew?

Now THAT is value!


By Nikki Caufman

20151127_101242When I think of what Brelby means to me only one word comes to mind Nirvana. In 2013 my world turned upside down. My nest was empty, I entered semi retirement, and I was forced relocate. I was lost!!! I flounder for a year trying to find myself again. When I first enter the doors of this magical place to see my grand niece in a youth production I knew I was meant to be here.

I am not theatrical in any way. Can’t carry a tune, or act my way out of a paper bag, yet I knew I belonged. Where could I possibly fit into this amazing group . . . as a Volunteer. After casually sharing my professional background in Community Outreach with the Maticic’s I was asked to join the Advisory Board!! I have reached Nirvana a state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place at The Brelby Theatre by sharing the joy of art.


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