My Brelby Word: Family

My Brelby Word

For the rest of November, every day, the Brelby Buzz will be bringing you the second installment of the November Blogathon. Thirty days, thirty original posts from Brelby’s Company Members and collaborative artists of Season 8. Each post will revolve around a word that artist considers to be integral to what art and Brelby means to them.

By Jaren Navenma

jaren11“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” -Bruce Lee

This quote not only shows how much of a nerd I am, but it’s also something I try to remind myself of daily. It is a quote that embodies so much of my identity, my background, and how I try to live. Everyone finds strength in something. I find mine in Family.

Everyone has their own definition of the word. Whether it be a personal meaning, cultural significance, or both. Because I am in the “both” category I have discovered that for me, family is what you make it.

I came to Brelby about two years ago with nothing more than the drive to FINALLY do something with my life. If it wasn’t going to be education then it was getting started pursuing my dream and making my loved ones proud. I needed something more than what was going on for me at that point in my life. I really needed… anything. I’m here now working on my twelfth production, and in the last two years I’ve worn many hats and learned more than I would have. I’ve performed with the Improv troupe, Results May Vary, been in cabarets, creative challenges, and other miscellaneous events.

I couldn’t be happier.

What I have found at Brelby in these two years was more than opportunity and experience. It was a community of artists who throw themselves into every production and performance. People who put the same care and attention into the relationships with the people they work with. They embodied a lifestyle I had known all of my life and it made me feel at home. Growing up with a culture that is already so artistic and community based made falling into this group so easy, and eventually I realized this theatre and all the artists in it had become family to me.

I have had my share of trouble and hardships recently, some greater than others, but through it all I have always known that I have some amazing people in my corner when I need a hand. They give me strength. I know when I enter a production, something amazing will grace the stage. I get to witness it over and over again, and it’s the result of more than your typical “magic” that pulls a Brelby show together. What we create, imagine, and inspire time and again, is a family. One that I can come to Brelby any day of the week and know they’ll be there.

I am fortunate enough to help open Brelby’s Season 8 acting in the World Premiere of Windfall, another production I know will be amazing because of the team working to make it so. While the members of this team are already mostly family to me, I will always try to enter a production with the idea that these people are part of the family. And everyday, when I wake up and pray for the strength to make it through the next obstacle, pray for the strength to accomplish the next task, and I haven’t been let down so far because while everyone finds strength in something, I find mine in family.

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