My Brelby Word: Tenacity

My Brelby Word

For the rest of November, every day, the Brelby Buzz will be bringing you the second installment of the November Blogathon. Thirty days, thirty original posts from Brelby’s Company Members and collaborative artists of Season 8. Each post will revolve around a word that artist considers to be integral to what art and Brelby means to them.

By Carolyn McBurney

carolyn1) Tenacity is the word I gave to describe Brelby over a year ago for our leadership retreat and to me, it sums this Theatre up perfectly. A young couple, already in love with the Theatre meets and falls in love with each other. They hatch a scheme to develop a new model for Theatre and set up shop in the West Valley after being nomadic for several seasons.

Scrappy. Tenacious.

All kinds of roadblocks later, they have persevered- through the recession, all kinds of fiscal roadblocks- short on funds for marketing but rich with a loyal base of artists attracted to their open door policy. The menu is full- no other theatre in town offers the opportunities they do- production intensive classes that meld playwriting, directing and acting into one interactive series, original works highlighted in their annual Studio Series, 6 mainstage productions, weekly improv performances by the resident troop, Results May Vary, Theatre for young audiences, now in its second season and participation in every Downtown Glendale Civic event offered.

Tenacity. Bursting at the seams, Brelby is now looking for a bigger space in the West Valley so that they can grow these programs (and their clientele) in 2016. This is the kind of theatre that has always attracted me- and here I have a home.

2) I love a good challenge- to the point of recklessness at times. Doing theatre has always fed that tendency. I immerse myself in the work. There’s always something else that needs doing. You finish one show and move on to create something completely new. As long as I have the strength, the brainpower and the support, I will continue to do theatre.

poseidoncompany3) This year might have been my most tenacious yet. I was involved in my first playwriting project and appeared in its production (the summer Blockbuster, Beyond Musketeers: Utopia Lost!). I played my biggest Shakespeare role yet (Prospero), I directed a new work and ventured into my first Stage Management role.

Tenacious. Non-stop. Fulfilling.

Next year holds many new challenges and hopefully I can continue to keep up- I am directing another show for which I am on the writing team with all the Brelby Company women, I am designing costumes for two original works and will audition for more shows…

Call me crazy, but I prefer “Tenacious.”

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