Next up: Luv, a comedy by Murray Schisgal 4

What a wonderful reception in Historic Downtown Glendale! Our production of “Twelfth Night” was well attended, and well received. Thank you to everyone who attended!

We’re pushing forward and keeping our eyes set on the future goal of opening our space. Next up is Murray Schisgal’s comedy “Luv” set in the 60s backdrop of the Mad Men era. The content seems dark and heavy upon first investigation. The show opens with Harry standing on the edge of a bridge, preparing to end it all out of loneliness…when his old college roommate, Milt, fortuitously shows up on the same bridge. The two reminisce and Milt reveals his own unhappiness in life and his marriage. In fact, Milt is meeting his wife Ellen on the very same bridge tonight to kill her so that he can run off with his mistress, Linda. (Unbeknownst to him, Ellen has the same idea.) Milt soon realizes that he has a less violent option right in front of him, and he decides to set up Harry with Ellen.

This dark comedy is driven by quick paced banter reminiscent of Neil Simon or Woody Allen, and an energetic young cast that brings an incredibly engaging physical life to the work.

by Murray Schisgal

Olde Town Glendale Wine And Beer Bar

5745 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, Arizona 85301
Thurs Aug 23rd @ 8PM
Sat Aug 25th @ 8PM

Sun Aug 26th @ 8PM
Thurs Aug 30th @ 8PM
Fri Aug 31st @ 8PM
Sat Sept 1st @ 8PM

Tickets $15
Available at the door or

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4 thoughts on “Next up: Luv, a comedy by Murray Schisgal

  • Julie Huver

    Wonderful production of 12th Night! The heat was even bearable! Not to mention the exquisite german food that we had before the show. Loved your director choices, especially the usage of the ropes as window, mirrors, etc. Looking forward to watching you all grow!

  • Hector Coris

    I’ve always loved the musical adaptation of “Luv” called “What About Luv?” – which was put on by AZ Jewish Theatre last year, but never saw the original source material. Looking forward to catching your production! What a twisted little farce!

  • Claire Crum

    We were thrilled to be able to attend the Brelby production of LUV. It was an intimate venue and we enjoyed the incredible talent of 3 young thespians. They delivered a very enjoyable play, ane we look forward to seeing them again. We wish them the best of everything in their future endeavors. “Break a leg”!!