Notes from a Teaching Artist: Preparation

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These past few weeks have been filled with brainstorming, potential, and possibility. As Brelby’s Education Director, I have been planning ahead and thinking a great deal about preparation…hence the title of this entry. Many, many ideas are in the works and I look forward to finishing out this year with several classes and workshops for familiar and new artists. I’m particularly excited about the potential for next year as we plan a full calendar year of educational offerings.

What is preparation and how do we prepare? For instance, if one is auditioning for a role, some ways to prepare could include: researching the play, the author, the director, the mission/history of the producing organization, and determining audition materials to best showcase one’s talents for the desired role. Those are some ways to prepare for an audition. The goal is to gather as much information as possible in order to make informed choices.

I have been in a state of preparation for Brelby’s education and outreach offerings: researching the programs we currently offer, those programs offered by Phoenix Metro area theatres, and prioritizing what steps we can take short term and long term to provide our community with quality opportunities to imagine, create, and inspire.

Starting next month, we will be offering a series of 3 workshops for Fight Club: introduction, intermediate, and advanced. Check out the class descriptions and sign up here. After that, you can expect a diverse series of classes this fall (look for that announcement soon). Simultaneously, I am working to grow our educational outreach offerings by developing materials and workshops for upcoming shows for students, parents, and teachers.

If you have any ideas or questions related to Brelby’s education and outreach programs, please email me at

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